Google will allegedly launch chat system, Babel, as Google Hangouts

The unified chat system will launch under the Google Hangouts name

A source at Google has given word that the company's chat system, that has so far been called Babel, will be launched as Google Hangouts

According to TechRadar, a source at Google has provided information that the Babel chat service will be released under the name, Google Hangouts.

Google Hangouts is a pre-existing service provided by Google+ as a way to carry out video calling, but new screenshots show the new chat system being referred to as a 'Hangout'.

Leaked screenshots of Babel were also provided by TechRadar's source last month.

The screenshots came with hints that the new service will come with several new emoticons and the ability to jump quickly into a Google+ Hangout.

The unveiling of Babel has previously been rumoured for Google's I/O later this week, and TechRadar's source has informed the site that staff have been emailed concerning the I/O thanking staff for their work on some of the products they've been testing.

The source suggests that this is an indication to the official Google Hangouts launch.

Rumours have also suggested that Google will be introducing the company's new Google Play Games for Android to be part of Google Play Services v3.1.36.

There have also been rumours of Google's possible acquisition of popular messaging app, Whatsapp.

Source & Image: TechRadar