Google Nexus Prime coming 11 October?

Samsung and Google co-hosting event to showcase latest Android kit

The Google Nexus Prime is edging ever closer to reality, with Samsung and Google lining up a press gathering for 11 October in San Diego. Could the next-gen iPhone killer be out to take down Apple’s new handset?

Samsung and Google are set to hold a press event on 11 October, where they promise attendees a, “…look at what’s new with Android.” Seeing as Sammy is making the so-called Google Nexus Prime, it’s a safe bet we’ll be seeing the new handset in action.

The event, Samsung Mobile Unpacked, is being called the “Google episode” by the Korean tech giant. Holding the event so soon certainly makes sense, especially with the iPhone 5 set to dominate headlines in the preceding days. Clearly Samsun’g hoping it can gazump big-time rival Apple with its new phone.

The Nexus Prime will be the first phone to use Android Ice Cream Sandwich, the latest version of the OS which is designed to work across both smartphones and tablets. While it will have a super AMOLED screen, other specs aren’t clear just yet.

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Via ThisIsMyNext