Google Ingress app uses augmented reality

App where 'The real world is the game'

Ingress looks to be one of the most interesting things Google has done in a while; a game that blends augmented reality with maps to show a global conspiracy

Ingress is an Android game which asks users to battle a 'mysterious energy' that is found throughout the real world using the app to discover where it's located and then choosing whether to fight it, or embrace it.

Developed by Google the game is designed to show off how far modern technology has come letting you use augmented reality to see things imposed onto the real world, in this case, the energy events.

Whether you're in London, New York or Paris there are locations which will need to be hacked, users can join forces and take them on together, claim territories or find hidden objects whether you're fighting for Enlightened or the Resistance.

At the moment the app is in closed BETA stage which means you'll have to head to the Ingress homepage to get hold of an invite. Only available on Android Ingress looks to be as innovative as it is addictive blending the location games of FourSquare with an intriguing storyline.