Angry Birds Space downloaded 10 million times in just three days

If you thought the Angry Birds craze was over, then think again

Angry Birds Space has boldly gone where no app has gone before, by notching up 10m downloads in the first weekend, smashing the record set by Angry Birds Rio

Angry Birds fans have been downloading the latest installment of the hit franchise like it's going out of fashion, ironically, offering further proof that it isn't.

Angry Birds Space for iOS, Android, Mac and PC was downloaded an astonishing 10 million times in just three days since its launch on Thursday.

To put that in perspective, the space-hopping adventure has smashed the record set by Angry Birds Rio, which notched up the same figure in ten days.

The downloading spree, which included free and paid versions of the app, is testament to the enduring popularity of the Angry Birds series, as the smartphone gaming industry now offers infinitely more choice and quality since the first Angry Birds game became such a massive hit.

However, since that time, the game has become a popular culture icon and the saturation of smartphones has grown immeasurably in the last couple of years. So really, with over 700m total downloads worldwide, those figures should be no real surprise.

Rovio revealed late last week, amid some confusion, that it plans to launch a Windows Phone version of the application. Initially the company said it was too much work to re-write the game's code for Microsoft's OS, but reversed its statement soon after.

Via: SlashGear