Future Tech: Today's gadgets in 10 years time

How the tech you own today will take shape in 2020

See the smartphones, tablets, TVs and cars to look forward to in the not too distant future

You may not realise it, but you’re a guinea pig. Some of the gadgets you own and use today are providing the backbone for what will follow tomorrow and how we’ll work, rest and play in ten years. Sounds unlikely? Think about the tech landscape a decade ago. Satnavs were few and far between, email was a novelty and you were lucky if you could fit ten songs onto an MP3 player. But the technology existed, primitive as it was.

We were road-testing the gadgets we use today. With smartphones set to outsell PCs by 2012, gesture-controlled gaming entering homes this month and augmented reality going mainstream, the tech landscape is changing again. Your actions and purchases are a key part of the evolution. The question is, what will the tech you use today be like in 2020?

See below for our guide to the future of the tech you own today

Future tablets

A relatively new innovation in our lives, we take a look at what's next for the iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab and other tablet contenders.

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Future cars

Are we all set for a greener four-wheeled experience? We take a look at the driving tech we could hitting the tarmac with.

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Future smartphones

Mobiles seem to do it everything already, but what nifty tech is in store for our beloved smartphone friends?

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Future TV and gaming

As we take our first steps into 3DTV and motion gaming find out what will keep us glued to that gorgeous screen in years to come.

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