Best golf bag 2020: the best tour, stand and cart golf bags

Find your ideal golfing companion with the best golf bags from TaylorMade, Callaway, Ping, Sun Mountain and others

Best golf bag: carry your clubs in style with top tour, stand and cart bags

The best golf bag is much easier to find than you might think, despite there being quite a few different types to choose from. These focus mainly on the big three: tour, stand and cart golf bags, and we'll run you through the differences between each of those a little further into this guide. 

Spending your golfing gear budget on some new clubs or perhaps some of the best golf balls to enhance your game may seem like the more exciting purchases, right? Well, a great golf bag that's weatherproof and durable is arguably the one bit of kit that will make your life easier and more organised on the course. 

Just like a snazzy golf GPS watch, golfing bags make a superb gift for any golfers in your family or among your friends at any time of year, and are often discounted in end of season sales before new golfing lines arrive. 

So the right golf bag for the way you want to carry (or pull) your golf clubs around can make your life a heck of a lot easier between holes. And that can make all the difference if you're out playing in hot weather or on gloomier days where you need to don your best golfing waterproofs.

So the best golf bags not only save you energy, in a way they also enhance your game (especially your enjoyment of it). When it comes to the different types of bags available, the staff bag is undoubtedly a beast, but that weight adds up to the highest quality of golfing bag you can get. So it will last you many a game, making it a solid investment for regular golfers.

However, if your back seizes up just at the thought of carrying around a staff bag, a cart bag could be more up your street. Quite simply, golf cart bags are fitted with a wheeled cart, which means you can pull them along easily. This is ideal for anyone with back issues.

The middle ground between a staff bag and cart bag is a stand bag, which is lighter and designed with retractable legs. You carry this golf bag just like a suitcase or shoulder bag, then prop it up on the green once you’ve reached your destination. And the lightest golf bag? It's a carry bag, which is legless.

So which is the best golf bag for you? Let’s delve a little deeper to help you find your perfect golfing companion now. In a rush and want to know what our number one choice is? Here you go…

Best golf bags 2019: a pair of golf bags sat on the green loaded with clubs

Best golf bag: our expert pick

  • The best golf bags are strong, with high grade stitching and sturdy zips. They can house a fair amount of weight and are tough enough to be shaken about regularly. They should also be built to withstand getting wet in the rain, and the rough and tumble of outdoors use. A large number of sections for club organisation are ideal, as are a number of pockets for quick access to anything you need. A stand and multiple carry options are also useful features.
  • Our pick of the bunch is therefore the Callaway Org 14 Golf Cart Bag as it offers so much and, with a cart, makes for the easiest way to move a full set of clubs about. Thanks to 14 dividers, 11 pockets and an e-trolley system that integrates with most carts, this is a winner. At 2.5kg it's really not that heavy either. New construction lines make for larger pockets while the latest non stadium top enables wedges to sit flush.

The best golf bags to buy right now

Best golf bags 2019: Callaway Org 14 Golf Cart Bag

1. Callaway Org 14 Golf Cart Bag

The best golf bag for comfortable, full-club golfing anywhere

Weight: 2.5kg
Material: Blend
Waterproof: Yes
Dividers: 14
Pockets: 11
Stand or cart: Cart
Reasons to buy
+Solid build+Multiple dividers and pockets+Affordable

The Callaway Org 14 Cart Bag is quite simply one of the best golf bags you can buy right now. Made of durable and heavyweight fabric this has a huge 14 dividers and 11 pockets making everything easily accessible instantly. 

This year the addition of a non stadium top means wedges sit flush. The pockets have also been given new construction lines this year for even more storage. A separate putter well and TPE insert for shaft protection is a great feature making this a tidy setup for quick access to everything.

There's a front facing magnetic rangefinder pocket, electric trolley battery pack sleeve and a new carabiner style towel hook with glove attachment. You really will be hard pressed to find a better bag in the cart category for the price.

Best golf bags 2019: TaylorMade Tour Staff Bag

2. TaylorMade Tour Staff Bag

The best golf bag for tour calibre quality, making it ideal for competitive players

Weight: 5kg
Material: Brushed micro perforated synthetic leather
Waterproof: Yes
Dividers: 6
Pockets: 12
Stand or cart: Stand
Reasons to buy
+Beautiful quality and design+Lots of pockets, velour lined+Rain ready

If you want to look the part on the fairway this is the bag for you, made from micro perforated synthetic leather, it has a truly premium finish. There's a 6-way velour top, black gunmetal hardware and a zip-off belly panel for embroidery. 

But it's not just the materials on this staff bag that matter as you also get 12 pockets, two of which are velour lined making them ideal for phones. There's a rain hood and umbrella sleeve for wet weather and a three point shoulder strap for a nicely balanced carry.

At 5 kg this isn't the lightest bag out there but if you want to look the part with Tour-level quality then you'll need to have the stamina of a tour-level player too.

Best golf bags 2019: Ping Moonlite Golf Carry Bag

3. Ping Moonlite Golf Carry Bag

This carry style bag has room for a full set of golf clubs

Weight: 1.1kg
Material: Mixed
Waterproof: Yes, belly
Dividers: 2
Pockets: 4
Stand or cart: Carry
Reasons to buy
+Super lightweight+Full club carry+Waterproofing

Ping has outdone itself with the latest update to the Moonlite carry bag. This ridiculously light 1.1kg carry bag will hold a complete set of clubs and organises them with two dividers. The ergonomic straps make carrying comfortable and when it comes to putting down, Ping has you covered.

The underside of the bag is water resistant so you can place this on the wet grass without worry. Anything in the four pockets, which hold up to 10 litres, should stay nice and dry as well as safely stored. The adjustable standing strap makes for an easy way to convert to a single carry strap for those that want to change up.

This, for the weight and price, is a really impressive bag that's ideal for smaller cars, a quick nine holes or for those that just don't have room for a hefty staff bag.

Best golf bag: PowaKaddy Dry Edition Cart Bag

4. PowaKaddy Dry Edition Cart Bag

The best golf bag for full waterproof protection

Weight: 2.3kg
Material: Hydrostatic rated nylon fabric
Waterproof: Yes
Dividers: 14
Pockets: 7
Stand or cart: Cart
Reasons to buy
+Waterproof+Keylock trolley system+Lightweight

The PowaKaddy Dry Edition cart golf bag is the one to have for all-weather golfing. Why? It uses a lightweight hydrostatic rated fabric of over 10,000mm, which PowaKaddy claims makes this golf bag four times more waterproof than other waterproof golfing bags on the market. It's also lightweight but remains watertight thanks to the nylon fabric and heat welding seam-sealing system. 

A 14-way divider make for quick club access while seven pockets offer something for everything including two full length clothes pockets – ideal for that wet weather gear – a velour lined valuables pocket, matching waterproof rain hood, and covered zip holders. 

The PowaKaddy lock system is also here for easy and secure cart fixing, plus you get a host of colours to pick from to suit your look.

Best golf bag 2019: Sun Mountain Range 14 Way H2NO Lite Carry Bag

5. Sun Mountain Range 14 Way H2NO Lite Carry Bag

A true golfers favourite with umpteen dividers

Weight: 2.4kg
Material: TPU coated fabrics
Waterproof: Yes
Dividers: 14
Pockets: 6
Stand or cart: Stand
Reasons to buy
+Waterproof+Complete set dividers+Lightweight

This best golf bag contender does it all. You get a 100 percent waterproof TPU coated fabric outer along with YKK waterproof zips plus taped and sealed seams, all resulting in an all-weather bag. This is also a golf carry bag, so you don't need to worry about the cart getting stuck in the wet ground. 

Despite the 2.4kg weight there's a stand built-in and a full 14 way divider system for carrying a full set of clubs. Of the six pockets you get on for a hydration pouch, some full length for clothing and velour lined one for valuables like your phone so it stays scratch free. 

The comfort hip pad is a nice new addition while the lift assist handle, velcro leg lock system and top mounted grab handle all make sure a super easy and comfortable carry experience.

Best golf bags 2019: Ping Hoofer Lite Stand Bag

6. Ping Hoofer Lite Stand Bag

The best golf bag for comfortable lightweight carrying

Weight: 2.2kg
Material: Mixed fabrics
Waterproof: Resistant
Dividers: 4
Pockets: 7
Stand or cart: Stand
Reasons to buy
+Comfortable+SensorCool tech+Cushioned hip and shoulder padding

When it comes to a comfy trot around the course you're going to be hard pressed to find a better golf bag than this best seller from Ping. It's not just about being a svelte 2.4kg light though – it also features cushioned hip and shoulder padding to make that weight comfortable to shoulder.

On top of that, Ping uses its SensorCool tech to enable those pads to stay cool so you don't overheat even when playing in hot summer sun. The new strap connector makes it easy to swing the bag on, and it's fully adjustable too, so you can sit the shoulder pads just right. 

Should all that comfort still leave you thirsty, on top of the seven pockets there's a dedicated holder for quick access to your water bottle.

Best golf bag 2019: Titelist Tour Staff Bag

7. Titleist Tour Staff Bag

Tour bags are the height of amateur golfing luxury, and this one’s a real looker

Best for: Competitive golfers
Type: Tour
Dividers: 6-way
Pockets: 10
Reasons to buy
+Quality build+6-way divider

If you fancy yourself a spot on the next Masters tour, the only thing to be seen carting around is this Titleist tour bag. It looks great on the course and offers a wealth of features to make your game easier and more enjoyable.

A 6-way top divider ensures you always have an eye on the right club, while quick-release magnetic pockets and military-grade zips ensure both easy access and safekeeping of valuables. Foam cushioning and en ergonomic strap system boost comfortable carrying.

8. Callaway Hyper-Lite Zero Stand Bag

This golf bag is super-strong and hardy , yet weighs next to nothing

Best for: Ultra-light
Type: Stand
Dividers: 4-way
Pockets: 5
Reasons to buy
+Extremely lightweight+Dedicated accessory pockets

For golfers with mobility problems, those who fatigue easily, or simply anyone who can’t be doing with the faff of an overly heavy bag, consider this super-light yet sturdy option.

The aptly named Callaway Hyper-Lite comes in at just 2.5lbs but doesn’t go light on the functionality, thanks to a durable nylon shell, sturdy carbon fibre legs, a four-way club organisers with full length dividers to get at clubs quickly.

There’s also handy dedicated pockets for phones, valuables and balls. As with the Titleist tour bag, those padded shoulder straps work to ensure carrying comfort.

Best golf bag 2019: TaylorMade Tour Cart Bag

9. TaylorMade Tour Cart Bag

Last year’s essential tour cart golf bag is now available for an absolute steal

Best for: Attaching to a cart
Type: Tour, cart
Dividers: 6-way
Pockets: 12
Reasons to buy
+Optimised for use with carts+Room for a full set of clubs

It was one of last year’s best performing, best looking golf bags, and you can now snap it up for less than £200 on a good day. The TaylorMade Tour Cart Bag 2018 is designed for those who cart, rather than walk, around their course of choice. 

Featuring TaylorMade’s 2018 colours, it’s still an eye-catching design in a smaller scale than a traditional tour bag, and is optimised for easier lifting. This makes it a good choice for anyone sporting shoulder or back injuries.

On top of that, it still manages to squeeze in a 6-way divider that provides enough space for a full set of clubs. There’s also 12 individual pockets, including two full-length garment pockets for stashing a waterproof jacket or other necessities.