Super Soaker Floodinator review: The stream of the crop for water guns

The Super Soaker Floodinator brings a water apocalypse thanks to its mega tank

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Super Soaker Floodinator
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The Super Soaker Floodinators huge tank means over a minute or relentless spraying. The stiff cap may require adult help, but the high pressure is worth it.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    2 litre capacity

  • +

    High pressure stream

  • +

    No leaks

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Younger kids might struggle with the weight and cap

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It’s a hard job but someone had to go out into the garden for this exhaustive – and exhausting – Super Soaker Floodinator review. But that's what T3 is here to do, test the products that others do not or cannot.

And, when it comes round to reviewing and rating the best water guns, is king. We've got a dedicated testing zone where we can review water pistols in depth, measuring how far they fire water, how much water they can hold, and how quick they are to refill, for example.

In terms of water-throwing weaponry, the Super Soaker range has been the top choice for decades when it comes to choosing the best water gun. Whether you want the old school thrills of the pressure ball and trigger of the Super Soaker XP100, or the literal chills of the Freezefire with room for ice cubes, Super Soaker has a wide variety of weaponry to choose from. 

The Super Soaker Floodinator, as its name might suggest, means business. It doesn’t need your clothes, your boots and your motorcycle, thankfully, but it does have a vast two-litre tank and rejects a trigger in favour of a solid pump-to-spray mechanic. Read on for our full breakdown of one of our favourite water guns in T3’s Super Soaker Floodinator review.

Super Soaker Floodinator: Price

Currently a little over £20 on Amazon UK, the Super Soaker Floodinator is sitting at the more expensive end of the Super Soaker range. This is around the same price as the Super Soaker XP100, with its pressure ball and trigger design and around double the cost of the aforementioned Freezefire. 

It’s also twice the price of our favourite budget water gun option – read about that in our Joyin 2 Pack Water Pistols review

The big difference here though is the sheer size of the Floodinator. A two-litre capacity means this isn’t diminutive, and a solid offering for the investment, with fewer trips to water supply.

Super Soaker Floodinator review - pump

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Super Soaker Floodinator: Features & design

The Super Soaker Floodinator is an impressive looking beast. Measuring 50cm in length and adorned with colourful styling, it stands out as a day-glo weapon that’s going to get someone very wet, very quickly. And we do mean very wet. 

The two-litre tank is one of the biggest on the market. There’s no removable option here. All you have to do is pop the very solid cap off the top to fill and clip it back down with a hefty clunk. If smaller children are going to struggle with anything, it’s going to be this cap, which takes a real push to fasten properly. 

Thankfully, though, it means that there are no leaks whatsoever once it’s sealed, so you can stay as dry as possible while doling out watery justice.

Super Soaker Floodinator: Performance

The Floodinator is as good as its name when it comes to performance. The huge tank means 80 seconds of relentless (and exhausting) pumping before it runs out and starts to sputter. While it claims to be able to fire up to 38 feet, we couldn’t get much further than mid 20s during our test session, but that really doesn’t matter too much when the pressure produced is frankly intimidating. 

And that two-litre tank feels like the dream mid-waterfight. The Floodinator means a lot more time firing accurate jets of water and significantly fewer occasions where you realise you’re backed into a corner with no juice. 

Super Soaker Floodinator review - cap

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Super Soaker Floodinator: Verdict

The Floodinator is an impressive watery offering. It might be a little more expensive than the competition, but a leak-free design and frankly intimidating tank size means that the Floodinator feels like a special loot drop. This is a colourful must buy for summer. Just be aware that trips into the garden might feel more like you’re heading to the swimming pool.

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