Beko WDER7440421: a cheap washer dryer… But should you buy it?

The Beko WDER7440421 is a medium capacity machine that can get a load clean and dry in a hurry – and the people have spoken, as to its effectiveness

Beko WDER7440421
(Image credit: Beko)
T3 Verdict

The Beko WDER7440421 is an effective washing machine and dryer, according to its pleased buyers. With all the cycles you need, plus some useful quick options, it scores an average online rating of over 4 out of 5. It’s not exactly sexy but it does come in a choice of colours, rather than just white

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Family-friendly washing capacity

  • +

    Good spin speed

  • +

    Handy quick cycles

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Low drying capacity

  • -

    Non-quick cycles are… not quick

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The Beko WDER7440421 promises to save space in your home because it’s a washer dryer, meaning you don’t have to find the room for a second appliance. It also promises to save time when you’re doing the laundry. We’ve compared it to other washer dryers on the market as well as checking out user reviewers, and our conclusion is that it’s definitely worth your attention.

The WDER7440421 has a modern appearance that’s as smart as many competitor washer dryers out there. In fact, it even comes in a choice of colours, so you can get the look you prefer for your kitchen, which is a pleasing benefit. Along with the price this makes it one of the best washer dryers you can buy.

This appliance gives you a 7kg maximum washing capacity along with a 4kg maximum load for drying, so it offers the numbers to wash the clothes of a medium-sized household, or a smaller one with a lot of laundry. Does it deliver the results, too? Happy users say yes. We’ve got the skinny.

Beko WDER7440421 washer dryer

(Image credit: Beko)

Beko WDER7440421: key spec

  • Dimensions: H84 x W60 x D50cm
  • Energy rating: D
  • Drum capacity: 7kg (washing); 4kg (drying)
  • Maximum spin speed: 1,400rpm

Beko WDER7440421 washer dryer

(Image credit: Beko)

Beko WDER7440421: features

Washer dryer 101: you can’t dry as much as you can possibly wash. That’s the downside of one of these appliances. The big upside, however, is that you can both wash and dry in a single machine rather than trudging out to the garden or filling drying racks with your wet clothes even though your home isn’t big enough for two machines. 

With the Beko WDER7440421 washer dryer the numbers are 7kg for washing capacity, which is medium in modern appliance terms, a popular choice, and perfectly sufficient for many a family household. 

However, as we’ve said, should you wish to dry this maximum 7kg load, you won’t be able to do it in one go because the drying capacity of this washer dryer is 4kg. Now that’s still about 10 shirts, and not to be dismissed. Plus, if you’re still thinking you might feel short changed, bear in mind that you won’t always be putting in the maximum wash load because that depends on the wash cycle you’re doing, and these have individual maximum capacities. 

We’ve established how much the washer dryer can deal with, but what about the features that might recommend it to you? The first is its quick programme, which is designed to wash a 7kg load in 28 minutes. Bear in mind that actual duration can be lower or higher as it depends on factors such as water temperature and pressure. That said, it’s still going to get you out of trouble when you find the items you’re after nestling in the laundry basket and need a quick remedy. 

You might also find the wash & wear cycle handy for the sort of clothing emergency that occurs when the item you want to wear is a little less than fresh and it has to be clean and dry in a hurry. The programme can deal with two shirts, say, that is 0.5kg, in 40 minutes, or five shirts, 1kg, in 60 minutes. This isn’t for anything heavily soiled, mind you, but it will get you out of a fix when it comes to lighter items of clothing.

There are 15 programmes in total, including the expected cottons, synthetics and an eco cycle that saves energy and water but takes longer. You might also welcome the fact that there is a hand wash cycle to spare you the task of cleaning your woollies in the sink. 

Drying can be programmed to take place after washing generally (although not after the hand wash cycle, which is just as well for the fit of your jumpers). You’ll just need to remember not to exceed the dryer’s 4kg limit if you actually want the items to dry. There’s also a 4kg wash and dry programme for cotton that doesn’t even require you to select the drying option.

Not a fan of ironing? You’ll like the fact that you can use the steam function, which reduces wrinkles. To which we can only say, hooray.  

You might not expect it in a budget washer dryer, but you can remotely control and monitor the Beko WDER7440421 via Bluetooth and the HomeWhiz app. It can also help select the wash if you want it to. 

Beko WDER7440421 washer dryer

(Image credit: Beko)

Beko WDER7440421: performance

Let’s turn to the thoughts of the buyers of the Beko WDER7440421. Does it both wash and dry to their satisfaction? Overall, the purchasers via seem more than content, giving it an average score of 4.5 out of five stars. 

Purchasers find it easy to use, like both its washing and drying results, and its appearance is also a hit. Most who mention the noise level do so because they think it’s quiet, although that’s not a unanimous verdict. The fact that it can be linked to a smartphone is also appreciated. 

In the negatives column for some is that the cycles take too long. Some buyers also find the instruction booklet lacking in clarity. That's not exactly an uncommon problem with kitchen appliances though, let's face it. 

Beko WDER7440421 washer dryer

(Image credit: Beko)

Beko WDER7440421: verdict

Washer dryers start at prices that are, unsurprisingly, bigger than buying a washing machine alone and they can prove to be very pricey appliances at the top end of the market. The Beko WDER7440421 falls into the low end of the price range of these appliances, but buyers haven’t felt that not spending more has brought them disappointment, and this is a washer dryer we think you might be more than happy with.

A capacity of 7kg/4kg is sufficient for plenty of homes, including family ones, and a spin speed of 1,400rpm is typical of modern machines and can remove water from laundry effectively. What’s more, along with all the standard cycles, this washer dryer has some rather nifty extras that you wouldn’t expect from a budget offering including the wrinkle-reducing steam and the ability to connect it to your smartphone or tablet. There’s even a colour choice, and it has an appearance that won’t compromise your kitchen either, scoring more points from us.