This £20,000 chair will make you feel weightless while you work/chill

The Elysium chair is science fact with added lumbar support

When it comes to picking the right chair, there are plenty of things to consider. You know, does it cost more than a family car? Or will it help you feel weightless as you sit back and park your tookus? That's why the new Elysium chair us salivating at the wallet.

Designed by Cambridge-based firm DavidHugh Ltd, the Elysium is essentially an art installation crossbred with one of those office chairs that makes you feel like you're floating in water.

That zero-g feeling is pulled off by a combination of a lightweight carbon fibre skeleton and a set of joints that are set perfectly in equilibrium. So when you sit down or lie back, making you feel like your floating in the air.

There will be a launch edition of only 20 Elysium chairs made available, and with that £20,000 price tag it's definitely a collector's item for the man or woman who enjoys a luxurious twist to their office furniture.

“Bang & Olufsen offers the perfect synergy with Elysium, as it too combines uncompromising design with incredible performance," says the chair's designer and creator, David Wickett. "Bang & Olufsen and Elysium speak the same visual language that is great to see together. The Knightsbridge Bang & Olufsen showroom is a modern, evocative yet relaxing space where each individual can find their own unique experience of Elysium.”

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