This Cortana voice-controlled thermostat is pure see-through glass

Transparent, Microsoft powered and designed to be smart

There are thermostats then there are smart thermostats, then there’s the GLAS.

The GLAS is the product of Johnson Controls teaming up with Microsoft. The result is a jaw-dropping design with a touch control display on see-through glass. But it’s not only the touch controls we’re impressed with - this is Cortana voice controlled too.

GLAS can control the heating, cooling and air quality of the home. So far so similar to other thermostats, like Nest. But GLAS has Cortana voice controls built-in meaning you can talk to adjust your home temperature. 

Since it’s Microsoft friendly that should mean you won’t need to talk to the thermostat directly but could also control it via a tablet, phone, PC and Xbox console - hopefully.

At the moment all that’s been revealed is the promotional video below, so here’s hoping we get more details about just how friendly this thermostat plays with other devices soon.

Of course, with the smarts the Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Core, GLAS offers plus those stunning glass looks we don’t expect this fashion statement to be cheap.

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