This attachment makes your Black and Decker drill into a pair of scissors on steroids

Cuts through carpet like a power tool through hot butter. Or carpet.

Why waste time and energy with a regular pair of cutters when you can get this scissor attachment for your Black + Decker work tool? It makes the whole job easier – just pull the trigger and watch the blades open and shut, gliding through your chosen material. It is a bit like taking a gun to a knife fight, admittedly. But hey, no one ever lost a knife fight that way.

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The attachment is for the Black + Decker 18V Multievo mutli-tool. It's faster and more versatile than a traditional pair of scissors, and cuts through a range of materials including floor tiles, carpet, cardboard, thick paper, wire mesh and sheet aluminium. And you'll get serious man points for using it.

The tips are blunt, making it safe to use, and the 6mm opening is wide enough for most materials, regardless of thickness or weight. Well, unless it's thicker than 6mm.

So what of the Multievo itself? It comes with a built-in LED work light so you can see who/what you're drilling/hammering/scissoring in the dark, which is handy in case of a power cut. It also has a magnetic strip to store drill and screwdriver bits.

A whole range of accessories are available for it, though none quite as ludicrous as the scissor one. There's a hedge trimmer and shear, jigsaw, sander, impact driver (we like the sound of that), router, inflator, reciprocating saw and more.

The scissor attachment is available now for £32.95. It's overkill, of course. But there's nothing wrong with that.

Now we're off to use it to cut some birthday wrapping paper. What would you use it for? Let us know in the comments.