T3's top-rated hand warmer is the perfect stocking filler, with 20% off at Amazon

Warm hands, guaranteed, all winter

Lifesystems rechargeable hand warmer
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If you're the kind of person who feels the cold – or are buying for someone who does this Christmas – allow us to present you with a solution: the Lifesystems rechargeable hand warmer. Right now it's 20% off at Amazon, which means for less than 20 of your hard-earned pounds, you can ensure warm mitts all winter. By our reckoning, it's the best hand warmer you can buy right now. With a fiver off at Amazon, it'd make a great stocking filler, or a worthwhile investment for yourself as we head into the coldest months. 

Lifesystems rechargeable hand warmer: was £24.99, now £19.99 at Amazon

Lifesystems rechargeable hand warmer: was £24.99, now £19.99 at Amazon
This nifty warmer is perfectly shaped to hold in your hand, and has four different heat settings, to keep your digits toasty all winter. It charges via USB and doubles up as a handy power pack for emergencies. It's fast-heating and will provide between 3 and 6 hours of heat. What more could you ask for?

What makes it so good? #1. It's rechargeable. That means you can use it as much as you like. Charging is via USB, which is just about as convenient as it gets these days. #2. It gets nice and hot. There are four different heat settings to choose from, depending on just how cold your fingers are, and this little gadget emits heat from both sides. #3. It doubles up as a power bank, which is just generally ultra-useful in all kind of situations. We're not just saying this either; we've tested one out. Head to our full Lifesystems rechargeable hand warmer review for the full low-down. Want something that doesn't require charging? Our best gloves for cold weather or best touchscreen gloves will help you out there. 

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