T3 Agenda: Ring's Spotlight Cam shines in the UK. The Curve smart keyboard that adapts to your apps. And more!

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In the first T3 Agenda of the week - the illuminating Ring Spotlight Cam arrives in the UK; a smart keyboard from Curve that adapts to your program you're using; and more...

Ring's powerful new Spotlight Cam arrives in the UK this month

Turns out its National Home Security Month this October, so it's a perfect time to invest in a illuminating security camera. Take the new-to-the-UK Spotlight Cam from Ring. It features LED light panels that turn on when motion is detected, as well as a 1080p HD camera with two-way audio. It's also available in wired, battery and solar-powered options.

The new Ring Spotlight Cam range provides additional, easy-to-install security options for the potentially vulnerable areas around the home that need to be monitored. With motion-activated spotlights, infrared night vision sensors and the ability to activate a 110-decibel alarm to scare away any potential intruders, it's an easy sell for uneasy homeowners.

Ring Spotlight Cam wired version is now available for £199 at Ring.com, with battery and solar-powered version available later in the year.

The Curve keyboard will light up the keys you need for every program you use

Light And Salt Entertainment have brought a unique PC peripheral to Kickstarter - the Curve, world's first scenario-driven keyboard. The Curve automatically lights up the only keys that are relevant to the program/app you're using so you intuitively know which key to press, therefore increasing your efficiency. 

The keyboard's AI controls RGB lights beneath the keys to help highlight shortcuts and function keys, or even zones of keys that one would frequently need to use (imagine having your all your relevant tool shortcuts highlighted while you're using Photoshop, or playback and volume controls when you're watching a video). 

The Curve comes with an open API and even a special app that allows users to set and edit custom key-lights based on scenarios. You can pre-order one today via Kickstarter for only $109 (£82), if the campaign proves successful.

PlayStation VR to get a new, slightly updated design with stereo headphones and more

Sony has confirmed a follow up to PlayStation VR is in the works, but it won't be a huge overhaul of the current design. Instead, PSVR will be getting a small series of incremental improvements to build the successes and the limitations of the first model.

The new version will included a set of integrated stereo headphones and will support HDR pass through. The latter feature is a huge boon for PSVR, as the original model required you disconnect the external processor between your PS4 and your TV.

Much like the relationship between PS4 and PS4 Pro, the new PSVR model won't necessarily replace the older version but will offer a slightly more advanced experience with a similar price tag.

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