This foldable Qi2 charger is perfect for iPhone and Apple Watch owners on their travels

Everywhere you go, always take your charger with you...

Native Union Voyage charger
(Image credit: Native Union)

Although we've been hearing about it for around a year now, it's taken quite a while for the new Qi2 wireless charging standard to actually make its way to devices that you can buy. 

One of the latest to be unveiled (but not yet available to pre-order) comes from the classy team at Native Union, which has shared some details with 9to5Mac

The charger is called the Voyage, and has a lovely folded-over design that lets it unclip and unfold to house two charging pads - one for your Apple Watch, and one for your iPhone 15 (or previous model). 

It'll be available in black, green and yellow when it launches, in what looks like a leather or leatherette finish, and it has a pretty unobtrusive little USB-C port that serves as its power connection when you plug it in for a charging session. 

The side housing the Apple Watch charger is pretty obvious thanks to its unchanged white puck charger (which can be flicked up to charge your watch in Nightstand Mode), and the one opposite is the Qi2 pad. 

This textured pad should work with any wirelessly-charging device but is particularly great on any phone (like the last few generations of iPhone) that uses a magnetic charging system such as MagSafe. 

After all, that's the key component of Qi2 compared to older Qi charging - it now has magnets to click your phone into place and ensure the best seal as your phone wirelessly charges. 

If that sounds similar to MagSafe in the first place, it is - Apple was apparently instrumental in helping to design the new charging standard, and shared details on how MagSafe works in order to help move things along. 

Just like so many other Qi2 chargers that have been detailed recently, though, we haven't got a price or a release date for the Voyage. Native Union says it's coming soon, but anyone in the world of tech knows that could mean weeks or months. 

That means we'll have to stay alert for more news from Native Union about the Voyage - after all, it looks like a pretty classy and simple solution for anyone travelling with an iPhone and an Apple Watch. 

Max Freeman-Mills

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