iPhone owners to get significant wireless charging boost

No wires, no problem

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The great thing about the iOS operating system is that it's being tweaked all the time. We're still only a few months into iOS 17 and already the final iOS 17.2 beta has rolled out to developers.

As well as a significant wireless charging upgrade (more on that later), It brings with it the brand new journal app and a useful camera upgrade for iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max users. They can now capture spatial video, for viewing with the Apple Vision Pro (although we'll have to wait for the headset to release to try it) plus the update has also "improved Telephoto camera focusing speed when capturing small faraway objects."

But those with an iPhone 13 or 14 will be more interested in the update bringing Qi2 wireless charging to these older handset models. If you're using an Apple-certified Magsafe charger, then you have already had up to 15W wireless charging, but if using a third-party (usually cheaper) Magsafe-compatible charger, you'll get half of that speed. With Qi2 however, that's no longer the case, compatatible Android and iOS phones will charge at a 15W speed. So if you've got one at home, don't upgrade just yet and if you've already got an iPhone 15 then you're on Qi2 already don't worry. 

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The last version of the iOS Beta actually took away a few features as well as adding them, so hopefully this latest one brings back collaborative playlists on Apple Music too. 

Of course, wireless charging speeds are still snail-paced compared to wired connections but you can't argue with how convenient just placing your phone on a charging pad is. If you have a wireless charger at home, your iPhone will spend less time hogging all the juice. 

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