iPhone overheating? This MagSafe-compatible accessory keeps it cool

Take a chill pill

Redmagic Cooler 5 V Pro
(Image credit: Redmagic)

Here at T3, I review a lot of gaming laptops, and that's where you encounter a phenomenon that isn't usually associated with phones. Overheating. These laptops often have huge (and noisy) vents with powerful fans to keep things cool, but you can't do that with a phone. 

Whether you've got one of the best gaming phones or just a normal one that can be hot stuff, the Redmagic V5 Cooler Pro could be the answer. Plus with MagSafe certification, iPhone users can cool off a little too. With the iPhone 15's focused on gaming with significant raytracing upgrades in particular, this could be a match made in heaven. 

Sporting a rather nifty cyberpunk design with plenty of RGB lighting (phew) the cooler combines liquid cooling technology with a 7-blade fan to help your phone keep its composure. It can reduce your phone's temperature by up 35 degrees Celsius and go as cold as a glacial -12. Brrr. It doesn't dilly-dally either with Redmagic stating that it can drop the temperature from 28 degrees to 0 degrees in just 30 seconds.  

Redmagic Cooler 5 V Pro

(Image credit: Redmagic)

A phone overheating is more than just uncomfortable to touch. It could be damaging the core components too, so this mini-fridge for your mobile might be a lifesaver. With summer coming up especially it is hard for your phone to catch a minute to cool down when we use them all the time. 

Weighing just 100g and able to work as a kickstand too, the Cooler may have an outlandish style, but it's not impractical. It's out today. 

Andy Sansom
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