Dell Webcam Pro review: A solid, mid-range option for improved video quality

The Dell Webcam Pro is perfect for users who want to up their call quality without breaking the bank

The Dell Webcam Pro
(Image credit: Future / Sam Cross)
T3 Verdict

The Dell Webcam Pro is a great option for people who want to improve their video quality without spending a fortune. 2K QHD picture provides a marked improvement over most built-in webcams, and should be more than enough to ensure you look your best.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Intelligent, compact design

  • +

    Light enough to sit on a laptop

  • +

    Dedicated software

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Struggles in direct light

  • -

    A few setup issues

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With most of the best laptops and tablets packing decent cameras these days, many might not have even considered adding one of the best webcams on the market to their setup. But it's something that's definitely worth consideration.

Today, where most of us sit in virtual meetings all day and interact virtually more than in-person, it's crucial that your webcam is making you look your best. In these situations, a dedicated webcam can make the world of difference.

Today, we're looking at the Dell Webcam Pro. It sits in the middle of Dell's webcam range, just below the Dell UltraSharp Webcam. But it does pack some nifty features of its own, which could make this the best option for you.

Dell Webcam Pro Review: Price and Availability

The Dell Webcam Pro was launched in August 2022. It retails for just over £110 in the UK, while residents in the USA can find them for $129.99, and in Australia for AU$191.40.

Be sure to check the widgets on this page to see pricing where you are, and to ensure you're getting the best deal.

Dell Webcam Pro Review: Design and Features

The Dell Webcam Pro

(Image credit: Future / Sam Cross)

The Dell Webcam Pro comes in a sleek black finish. It's slightly larger all-around than the UltraSharp, with a 44mm diameter, 92mm length and a 155g weight. It's hardly cumbersome, though, and should be unnoticeable in your bag.

Where this differs from other Dell webcams is the design of the mount. This is attached to the device, and simply folds out from the base of the webcam. Rubber grips on both sides hold the camera in place.

This design makes attaching really easy. Simply open it up and clamp it onto your screen, and you're good to go.

That clamp mechanism also has a tripod mount in the bottom. That's perfect if you want to use the webcam in a different location to your computer, and can help you to achieve more flattering angles with better lighting. It also means there's no need to faff around with multiple mounts for different scenarios – everything is built-in, so just set it up how you want and get going.

On the front, a magnetic privacy cap keeps the camera safe, and also makes sure you're in complete control of when you're on show. That cap will also attach to the back of the device – perfect for making sure you don't lose it!

In terms of tech specs, the Webcam Pro packs a Sony Starvis Sensor and offers resolution up to 2K at 30fps. Dropping down to Full HD and below opens up 60fps capabilities, if that's needed. There's also up to 4x digital zoom, while AI-based auto tracking functionality can help to keep you in the frame as you move around.

Plus, a built-in microphone ensures you're always able to be heard and sound your best. The mic has a range of around 3m (10 feet) so you should be heard even if you tend to move around a fair bit.

Dell Webcam Pro Review: Performance

An image of tech journalist, Sam Cross, taken on the Dell Webcam Pro against a white background

(Image credit: Future / Sam Cross)

The Webcam Pro is relatively simple to use. I tested the webcam on both Mac and Windows devices, with varying results. Both have their own dedicated Dell software, which helps to get the best from the device. That includes settings for the resolution and frame rate, as well as the AI-tracking sensitivity.

Generally speaking, the picture quality is great. Motion looks really smooth and detail – as you can see in the image above – is excellent. I did find that the image was blown out by bright backgrounds though. When sitting in front of a window, for example, the camera tended to expose for the background, leaving the subject looking quite dark.

When used against a less bright background, the Webcam Pro was fantastic. You'll definitely notice a marked improvement over built-in webcams.

Dell Webcam Pro Review: Verdict

The Dell Webcam Pro

(Image credit: Future / Sam Cross)

Overall, the Dell Webcam Pro offers a host of features to make your video calling simpler and higher quality. Image resolution is fantastic and well detailed, making it easier than ever to add a professional flavour to your video content.

Sure, I had a few snags setting it up and in certain lighting conditions, but these were minor. Once you've got the hang of how to use it, you'll never really be troubled by them anyway.

For the price, it's a great option. You'll bag a microphone which the more expensive model doesn't have, and a far more convenient mounting clip. All of that, with a more than sufficient video resolution seems like an easy win.

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