Turn your iPhone into a brilliant gaming handheld with this controller

No iPhone 15? No problem

Backbone One Lightning Gen 2
(Image credit: Backbone)

If you like gaming on your iPhone and aren't quite on the iPhone 15 yet, don't worry. Backbone's new releases are perfect for your lightning connector needs. 

If you're an iPhone owner and not lucky enough to have an iPhone 15, then you won't yet know the joys of USB-C. Having universal compatibility with pretty much every device is one of the biggest conveniences of modern life. 

Gamers with older iPhones have often had to miss out on leading accessories and instead rely on traditional touch controls which both obscreen your screen and lack precision. There's nothing worse than playing a tense, competitive, game and fat-fingering the home menu or completely pressing the wrong button. Luckily, the folks at Backbone have a solution to the problem. 

They have today released the brand new Backbone One Lightning (2nd Gen) to offer a stylish solution for serious mobile gaming. This is just in time with Call of Duty: Warzone just announced. If you don't have one of the best gaming phones, this is an essential upgrade - having triggers in particular is a massive boost on mobile shooters. 

Backbone Gen 2

(Image credit: Backbone)

For those who'd rather a familiar controller setup to your console, you can even get the new Backbone PlayStation Edition - lightning (2nd Gen) which features the familiar PS5 controller layout and essentially turns your phone into a PlayStation Portal. Of course, you can even play PS5 games with this setup using remote play. If you were feeling really rebellious, you'd stream Xbox Game Pass titles while using the PlayStation controller. 

These are the second generation of Backbone's lightning-supported controllers, so what's new? Well according to Backbone changes include "new magnetic adapters to support many popular phone cases, an improved ergonomic design, enhanced phone stability," and "a reshaped D-Pad"

Of course, if you're just the type to play Candy Crush and the like on your phone that's fine, but the Backbone isn't for you. It's designed for those who want to go beyond the bog standard mobile gaming experience. 

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