Forget the PlayStation Portal, this deal gives you the same thing for less

An amazing Backbone One deal will help turn your iPhone into a PS5 gaming handheld

Backbone One deal
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There's no doubt about it, the PlayStation Portal has been a bit of a revelation since launch – becoming so popular that it sells out each and every time Sony manages to release more stock.

But, did you know that you can effectively turn your iPhone into roughly the same thing? In fact, you can make it into an even better, more rounded handheld gaming machine.

All you need is a game controller like the Backbone One, which clips onto either side of your Apple device and gives you a full set of control options to play games streamed from your home PlayStation 5 or even through cloud services, such as Xbox Cloud Gaming.

With the PS5 Remote Play app, it even works exactly the same as the Portal, allowing you to connect to your home console and play anything stored on it. And the best news is that the Backbone One for iPhones with Lightning connectivity has a massive discount right now.

That includes the one officially licensed by PlayStation.

Backbone One controller for iPhone (Lightning) – PlayStation Edition: was £99.99, now £69.99 at Amazon

Backbone One controller for iPhone (Lightning) – PlayStation Edition: was £99.99, now £69.99 at Amazon
The white version of the Backbone One controller is officially licensed by PlayStation, so matches the look of a PS5 perfectly.

Backbone One for iPhone (Lightning): was £99.99, now £69.99 at Amazon

Backbone One for iPhone (Lightning): was £99.99, now £69.99 at Amazon
The black version of the Backbone One works exactly the same as the PlayStation Edition, but could be better suited for those who don't want to stand out as much.

Why buy the Backbone One?

The Backbone One is one of the best mobile controllers out there, with great and responsive thumbsticks and buttons, plus zero latency thanks to a direct connection.

The Lightning version is for those with iPhones up to and including the iPhone 14 family. As Apple changed to USB-C for the iPhone 15, you'll need that version instead if that's your phone.

The controller can also be used with supported games on Apple's App Store, so really turns your handset into an all-round portable games machine. It comes with a 3.5mm headset jack and pass-through charging too.

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