Should I buy the YoYo Self-Extending Hose Pipe?

Is the YoYo Self-Extending Hose Pipe right for you?

YoYo Self-Extending Hosepipe being used by a woman to water some bushes
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Are you looking for one of the best the best garden hoses? Whether you have a large or small garden, investing in a decent hosepipe is crucial in keeping your garden watered and looking lush. Even if you’re not a keen gardener, having a hosepipe at home can be super handy for many other things such as washing your car or cleaning your driveway or patio.

We love the YoYo Self-Extending Hose Pipe for just this. It’s great value for money, so if you don’t want to fork out too much this one is a popular choice. We know what you’re thinking, how much is there really to consider when buying a hosepipe? Well, the answer is quite a bit – a cheap hosepipe can easily get punctured or get those very annoying kinks that stop the water from flowing, so finding a good middle ground when it comes to quality and cost is important.

You also need to consider the size of your garden and the proximity of your garden tap, as there’s nothing worse than a hosepipe that just won’t quite reach to the area you need it. So, let’s dive in and take a look at the YoYo Self-Extending Hose Pipe to see if it’s the right choice for you…

Should I Buy the YoYo Self-Extending Hose Pipe?

YoYo Self-Extending Hose Pipe 15m

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We’re quite impressed with how light and durable the YoYo Self-Extending Hose Pipe is, and based on its low price, it makes it even more appealing. This means it’s an ideal choice for those who are frequently using their hose pipe for cleaning purposes, or for those who have lots of plants that need tending too, and you won’t feel like you’re lugging this hose around behind you.

If you’ve been considering making a larger investment in a hosepipe but you’re really not sure if you’re going to get your value for money, we promise you will with this one. First time hosers and avid gardeners alike will be impressed with the compact, lightweight design of this hosepipe, that will not only provide great power, but look the part in your back yard too.

What are the specs of the YoYo Self-Extending Hose Pipe?

YoYo Self-Extending Hose Pipe 15m

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The YoYo Self-Extending Hose Pipe is 15 metres in length, giving you plenty of coverage for the average UK garden. It’s also incredibly light at just 1.2kg, which will make watering your garden a breeze, plus it doesn’t pull back so hard like hosepipes can often do, so you won’t be battling with it as you’re trying to reach the back of your garden. With a 9mm tube thickness, it is slightly narrower than some hose pipes but it’s still very durable and is compatible with a range of nozzle heads.

Not that you’ll need any more, because this hosepipe features a spray nozzle head with a variety of functions so that you can get the right force and speed to reach even the farthest plants without even stepping off of your decking.

YoYo Self-Extending Hose Pipe 15m

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What are the best features of the YoYo Self-Extending Hose Pipe?

This hose has the ability to extend up to 15 metres and then completely shrink back down and curl up into a neat and tidy spiral, making it super convenient to store in your garden without it being too cumbersome. The hose material itself is nice to handle, and unbelievably light, making it easy to put away when empty, without any kinks or tangles.

The YoYo Self-Extending Hose Pipe also has an Aquastop in place for when the spray gun isn’t attached, so you won’t lose any excess water when you remove the gun.

What else do I need to know about the YoYo Self-Extending Hose Pipe?

YoYo Self-Extending Hose Pipe 15m

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The YoYo spray gun is super easy to use, with nowhere near as much pull back as some other retractable hose pipes. It’s important to note that when finished with the hose, you’ll need to spray the gun to get rid of the remaining water after the tap is turned off. It continues to blast quite fast for a moment and then it will slowly turn to dribble, which is when you can then easily recoil it and roll it up neatly to be stored away when not in use.

We also love that it’s so compact without a box, making it ideal for taking on the go such as on camping trips or caravanning holidays.

This hosepipe uses no harmful materials which means it is safe for humans to drink (not sure why you would drink from a hose but good to know), plus it’s guaranteed for up to 5 years so you can be sure you’ll get great use out of it.

What are the alternatives to the YoYo Self-Extending Hose Pipe?

The YoYo Self-Extending Hose Pipe is a great option for anyone looking for quality and value in a product, however if you’re looking for something with slightly different specifications to suit your needs, then you can check out our guide to the best garden hoses for more great product options.

If you’re wanting to invest in a hosepipe that will have a true place in your garden, then the Gardena Wall-Mounted Hose Box Rollup 25m is a solid choice for larger gardens.

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