Should I buy the Gardena Wall-Mounted Hose Box Rollup?

Is the Gardena Wall-mounted Hose right for you?

Gardena Wall-Mounted Hose Box Rollup garden hose being used by an adult male to water plants
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When it comes to keeping your garden thriving all year round, you're probably looking for one of the best garden hoses. Garden hoses are not just great for the garden but they’re also really handy for other domestic jobs such as cleaning your car or driveway. But get the wrong hose, and you’ll find you’re still having to do a lot of manual work yourself.

If you want something that will get the job done quickly and effectively, then you’ll want to consider the Gardena Wall-Mounted Hose Box Roll up. While you might be thinking there’s not much to consider when purchasing a garden hose, we think there are definitely some things to consider if you’re someone who enjoys taking care of their garden. As we’ll get onto shortly, the Gardena offers some premium features and benefits that could make it the perfect choice for your garden. 

However, at quite a premium price, if you’re not that much of a gardener, you might not want to make such a large investment, but perhaps you may want to consider the FITT YOYO Self Extending Hosepipe for a much more affordable option.

Should I Buy the Gardena Wall-Mounted Hose Box Rollup 25m?

Gardena Wall-Mounted Hose Box RollUp

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If you have a big garden and want something that’s going to give you easy and maximum coverage then the Gardena Wall Mounted Hose Box Rollup could be for you. Based on its features and specs, which we will be covering in this guide, this hose is the perfect companion for those with green fingers who love tending to their garden all year round, if you’re willing to make the investment.

However, if you’re only using your garden hose occasionally, or you only have a small garden that doesn’t require much maintenance, then you may feel you do not need to invest in such a large hose as this one. Instead, you may wish to opt for something a bit more budget-friendly that can still get the job done for you.

What are the specs of the Gardena Wall-Mounted Hose Box Rollup 25m

Gardena Wall-Mounted Hose Box RollUp

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While you might think a garden hose doesn’t come with many specs, what they do offer is important to consider based on your needs. The Gardena Wall-Mounted Hose Box Rollup offers a 25-metre hosepipe with 13-millimetre thickness, making it a sturdy contender as hosepipes go, and giving you maximum range across larger gardens with its length.

You can also keep your garden neat and tidy, without worrying about where to store this hosepipe since it comes with a snazzy storage solution that keen gardener’s will love. With a 1.5-metre inlet hose, it’s easy to connect to your outside tap, and despite weighing in at 10.5kg, you won’t have to worry about lugging it about your garden as it will be conveniently housed in a mounted box that can be fitted to the wall.

What are the best features of the Gardena Wall-Mounted Hose Box Rollup 25m

We really do feel this hosepipe has some great features that will make your life much easier when it comes to tending to your garden or other outside cleaning jobs. We’ve all experienced the frustration of a hosepipe that kinks or gets twisted, restricting water flow. There’s nothing worse than having to spend an extra half an hour trying to untangle your hose after using it.

The Gardena Wall-Mounted House Box Roll up features “Roll Control”, which allows you to safely pull or retract this hose from its box without twisting or kinking, making for a much smoother process when getting it out and putting it away. The wall mounted box is also one of the best features of this product, again saving you from the dreaded trips and falls a rouge hosepipe left on the lawn can cause.

The box also swivels 180 degrees, making it incredibly smooth and easy to move around your garden with the hose. As you pull the hose out it will automatically lock once you’ve pulled to your desired length, you can then push back and the box will easily retract the hose by itself with ease. However, we recommend walking it back to the box slowly and controlled if you’ve pulled it out far, as it could get stuck or caught on garden furniture or scrape along your patio.

What else do I need to know about the Gardena Wall-Mounted Hose Box Rollup 25m

Gardena Wall-Mounted Hose Box Rollup

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Basically, this hose has everything you need to set you up for easy garden maintenance all year round. It’s sturdy, thick and durable, so once you invest it will serve you for years to come. It also comes with a 5-year warranty so you can have peace of mind it’s worth the money.

The box and hose are also frost and UV resistant, so it won’t become weathered when kept outside all year round, and the wall-mounted brackets are easy to fix on, plus you can store your nozzles and other hose accessories easily here too.

What are the alternatives to the Gardena Wall-Mounted Hose Box Rollup 25m?

If this hose is a bit out of your price range, then there are plenty of other garden hose pipe options out there. Not everyone needs such a large or lengthy hose, and so if you have a smaller garden or you’re only looking for a budget hose you can use every now and then, you might also want to check out our article that answers whether you should buy the FITT YOYO Extendable Hosepipe.

We also have a guide to the best garden hoses, which will give you a variety of alternative options where you’re bound to find the right garden hose for your needs.

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