Samsung Galaxy Z Flip details leaked, set to pack Motorola Razr-beating specs

Will the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip/Galaxy Bloom succeed where the Galaxy Fold failed?

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip/Galaxy Bloom
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Another day, another rumour about Samsung's latest foldable. The Samsung Galaxy Bloom (or Galaxy Z Flip, as it could be known) has long been rumoured to sport components set to outdo its main folding rival, the Motorola Razr

The Razr, which seemed to rely mostly on nostalgia, compensated for its experimental, presumably expensive folding technology and slender frame with mediocre cameras and an older Snapdragon 710 processor. However, if this latest leak is anything to go by, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip will have it beat with top-end specs worthy of any flagship phone. 

Leaker Max Weinbach of XDA Developers has released more info about the Korean smartphone company's new foldable. Normally very reliable, Weinbach has brought us a ton of leaked info on Samsung's new devices so far, including videos of the handsets in action. This time, he's bringing new information about the cameras, processor, screen and more on his Twitter account. Check it out below:

A fingerprint scanner on the side, if true, is a neat way to get around the problem folding phones might face when displaying notifications in "closed mode". It's good to know the cameras will still use sensors seen in many higher-end phones, while wireless charging is now expected in modern devices. 

Weinbach also mentions it will use the Snapdragon 855+ processor, which supports 5G connectivity. If Weinbach's leak is accurate, it doesn't sound like there's been many corners cut here, despite the new folding technology. This is great news for those planning on using the phone as more than a novelty, although such a powerful device is likely to carry a hefty price tag.

In a subsequent tweet, Weinbach confirms some details regarding the display on the phone's "closed mode":

Using the screen as a viewfinder for the camera is a terrific idea, allowing users to take selfies with the rear dual cameras. However, the 0.1" display sounds ridiculously tiny. Weinbach later clarifies as having "probably" meant 1", but he'll have to confirm with his source.

Whether these new leaks are on the money or not, we won't have long to wait to find out. Along with the Galaxy S20 range, Samsung is due to launch its 2020 flagship series of smartphones at Samsung Galaxy Unpacked, an annual event in San Francisco in which Samsung unveils its new devices to the world. Due to take place on 11 February, you'll be able to watch the event's live stream right here on T3.

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