New sensor tells you how busy the bar is before you arrive

Never be without a treadmill again

Finding a table at a popular restaurant is about to get a technological revolution thanks to the Density sensor.

The tiny sensor is designed to be set up just about anywhere from restaurant tables and bar walls to treadmills and weight machines in gyms with the goal of giving useful information on how busy a location is.

At its most basic, Density is a small sensor that works in the same way as break beam sensors that are used by automatic doors and lifts to sense when someone is in the entrance in order to stay open.

What's so special about Density is the open developer API and easy installation. This opens up a plethora of possibilities such as a restaurant being able to detect the amount of open tables and let customers know this in real time.

Gyms would be able to use it to inform members when treadmills are full up so that they can then schedule a trip later on in the day. When it comes to bars and clubs it will let you know just how many people have come through the doors and allow a decision to be made on whether or not you are happy for your drink to be knocked over all night.

Remote working company Workfrom, Associated Students University of California, and Requested, an app that offer discounts on restaurants, are the first three companies to be using it with a wider roll-out likely to be hastened if those companies enjoy the experience.