Netatmo’s smart thermostat goes on sale in UK

The clever clogs heating gear sports a raft of new features

Energy bills are pretty grim at the best of times, so why not snag yourself some savings this Christmas. Remember, winter is coming…

Electronics firm Netatmo has started flogging is smart thermostat across Europe, with the UK included.

The thermostat's already been available in France and Belgium, but it's now landed on UK shores.

The firm's partnered with a bunch of new energy companies in hopes of providing a solid thermostat service in your home.

“Consumers want smart and practical solutions,” reckons Fred Potter, Netatmo's CEO and founder.

“Our thermostat combines design, simplicity, ecology, and technology. It perfectly answers this demand.”

The minimalist design, in fact, comes courtesy of Philippe Starck, a prolific design don who's had his fingers in plenty of gadget pies.

So what's new? Netatmo's equipped its smartphone-friendly thermostat with fresh analytical tools.

The brunt of this is Netatmo's Energy Savings Report, which will ship to you monthly and offer recommendations on how to optimise your heating next month.

The genius kit can also analyse home insulation and outdoor temperatures in order to learn how quickly your home heats up.

This allows it to make sure you're not over-consuming energy, reducing your carbon footprint by up to 25%, apparently.

Netatmo says its system is compatible with gas, fuel, and wood installations, and now works with heating pumps too.

If you're not sure whether your heating outfit makes the cut, the firm's compiled a handy list that'll let you double-check before you shell out any cash.

The device is only available from Amazon in the UK at the moment, but it's on sale right now and pricing up at £149.