LELO launches the Dot Travel to take out the stress of travelling with sex toys

T3’s favourite sex toy from LELO now comes in a convenient travel size

LELO Dot Travel
(Image credit: LELO)
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LELO has launched a travel sized version of its popular Dot sex toy. The LELO Dot Travel is now in a more discreet and convenient size, making it easier to travel with.

The LELO Dot Travel is available to buy at LELO for £89.

Swedish sexual wellness brand, LELO has launched the Dot Travel, a compact and travel-sized version of its popular vibrator. The new LELO Dot Travel clitoral pinpoint vibrator still provides the same orgasmic sensations you get from its predecessor but with ease of travel in mind.

As you can probably tell by the name, the LELO Dot Travel is based on the original LELO Dot. With a place in our best sex toys guide, our reviewer rated the clitoral stimulator highly in our LELO Dot review, saying its Infinite Loop technology promises infinite pleasure and focus on the clitoris.

Now, LELO is catering to those who enjoy taking their sex toys, like the best vibrators, with them on their travels. With spring and summer holidays just around the corner, the LELO Dot Travel is the perfect companion for on-the-go pleasure.

The travel-sized LELO Dot Travel measures just 138 x 26 x 27mm, making it easy to pop into your suitcase, bag or purse. It also has a long lasting battery life, so depending on your destination, you won’t have to worry about bringing your charger or the toy running out of charge while you’re away.

One of the golden rules for travel with a sex toy is to make sure your toy has a travel setting. Well, the LELO Dot Travel has you covered in that area. Not only is it compact and discreet, but it also has a locking mechanism so you can lock it during transport, so it won’t accidentally turn itself on and start buzzing while you go through airport security!

LELO Dot Travel

(Image credit: LELO)

Like the LELO Dot, the LELO Dot Travel has many of the same features, including its pinpoint shape. If you look at the two toys next to each other, the main thing you’re missing from the LELO Dot Travel is the space in the middle which acts as a handle. But with the smaller size, you won’t really miss that, plus it’s easy to hold comfortably in the palm of your hand.

The LELO Dot Travel offers eight different modes to play with, and uses Infinite Loop technology to create elliptical movements via the soft and bendable tip for exciting sensations. Available in pink and purple colours, the LELO Dot Travel is also fully waterproof so you can take it in the bath or shower with you.

Perfect for your next holiday or for those who prefer a more petite-sized sex toy, the LELO Dot Travel is now available to buy for £89 at LELO.

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