iTap USB charger

iTap is a tap-shaped charger for smartphones and tablets

The iTap phone and tablet charger is a stylish if slightly superfluous addition to your power-filling needs

Ever thought you might need any extra kit involved in the act of charging your phone or tablet? If so, the iTap could be just the gadget you're looking for.

The iTap is essentially a tap-shaped charger for phones and tablets, Users know the drill; you plug one end of it into a power socket and the other end into your gadgets and - hey presto! - the gadget starts filling up with juice. However, now you can power up your gizmos with a tap-shaped charger that allows you to twist a plastic faucet.

The description over at Prezzy Box where the iTap is currently being sold for £19.95, states that the iTap can be turned on an off and either setting causes a light under the faucet to change colour between blue and red. We don't know which colour, however, indicates on or off. We also don't know whether turning the iTap's faucet allows users to control the current flowing into their gadgets, or whether it's entirely cosmetic.

Either way, it might make a nice gift for someone you know - if only to watch the incredulous expression on their face while you explain why they need the iTap in their lives.