HomeConnect app promises total control of all your appliances

Bosch-Siemens reveals one connect home app to control them all

German home appliances experts Bosch-Siemens wants to give us total control of all our connected home tech from a single, unified smartphone app, regardelss of which brand made our microwave, washing machine and oven .

BSH (Bosch Siemens Hasergate) has unveiled a new connected home platform they hope will give users total customisable control of all their appliances no matter which brand they are made by.

According to Dr Claudia Happ, digital transition project leader for HomeConnect, the new HomeConnect smartphone app and web platform will offer users the chance to control multiple devices - from fridges to washing machines - made by any brand from a single app with a single plug-and-play solution that needs only your home WiFi and smart appliances to work.

In a move that attempts to bring some unified interoperability to our connected home and home appliances, Happ claimed the app will be open to products, brands and services from across the spectrum.

Speaking at the IFA Global Press Conference in Turkey, BSH told T3:

“Our research showed that connectivity is also expected for home appliances. Sixty six per cent of consumers would like to control all home appliances with one app. Home connect is a solution that covers multiple brands and appliances in one app. You can control multiple appliances from different brands using the Home Connect app."

"Users will be able to tailor their app to suit their needs depending on the usage of their appliances and the data the appliance is sent."

“Connectivity will be in all devices in the future. That's where we see things going. You can think of different services that can work with this. It is a platform you can build services on.”

According to BSH, Home Connect is the first app that integrates "home appliances from more than one brand with full interoperability.”

So who has signed up to work with BSH? For that you'll have to wait. Appliances that launch with the app will be announced at IFA 2014 in Berlin in Septemeber.