High voltage bed arrives to catapult you awake

Never miss work again

Worrying about waking up on time for work will soon be a thing of the past when everyone invests in the new High Voltage ejector bed.

Unveiled by inventor Colin Furze just a week ago, the High Voltage Ejector Bed catapults you out of bed at a speed determined by you and in sync with your alarm clock thus meaning you'll never be late again.

Furze told Mashable that it took him just two weeks to build the contraption and it worked the first time he tried it.

The bed works by using an air compressor stored underneath the bed that is used to launch the user from their slumber when the time is right and there will be flashing blue warning lights prior to launch that will warn of the impending ejection.

In a video uploaded by Furze, there are a number of different levels of power shown that range from one that gets you out of bed at a relaxed speed to the top smash-you-against-the-wall-and-put-you-in-a-hospital-bed level.

The invention is unlikely to be in your favourite Scandinavian furniture retailer anytime soon but if you fancy buying some compressed air and trying it yourself there's nothing to stop you accelerating your morning wake up call.

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