Fire breathing remote control dragon goes on sale

Got $60,000 lying around the house? Then you can own your very own flying dragon

Ever wanted a remote control dragon that can fly through the air? Well want no longer, because you can now buy one from the US. The catch? It costs $60,000.

US retailer Hammacher Schemmer has begun selling the flying, propane-breathing dragon. The model was designed by remote control enthusiast Richard Hamel.

Hamel has a long history of touring the US remote control circuit with his award winning creations.

The remote control dragon offered through Hammacher Schemmer is said to be capable of flying up to 70mph. However, it's propane-powered fire breathing ability only works at ground level though, so unfortunately terrorising peasants from the air is off the table.

According to the specifications, the remote control plane has a nine-foot wingspan and weighs 18kg.

You can see the dragon in action by watching the video below.

Source: Gizmodo