Epson's latest home cinema projector uses lasers

Frickin' lasers! Although no sharks are involved, sources close to the matter inform us.

Epson's newest home cinema projector uses two lasers instead of traditional light bulbs.

Using lasers is a good idea because firstly, it sounds cool, and secondly it means that you don't have to worry about replacing a costly bulb every 10,000 hours or so. If you've never run a projector, you'll know that bulbs can cost hundreds of pounds to replace.

Lasers, on the other hand last about three times longer, according to Epson, which is good news because this bad boy costs a cool £6000. On the downside though, this projector is 1080p only, and at this price you could be looking at a 4K option if you went for a TV or projector that doesn't use lasers.

That said, Epson says the EH-LS10000 will take a 4K signal and use the extra information to produce a much nicer 1080p image than you're used to. That's something we'll wait to see in person before making a judgement.

The final advantage to laser projectors is that they produce very deep blacks, and vivid colours, this gives you a pretty amazing picture at screen sizes around 100-inches. That's a home cinema lover's dream. And if you're still loving 3D movies, then the good news is that this projector will be happy to deliver that to you as well.

The Epson EH-LS10000 goes on sale on April 1st.