Diverge is a new sneaker brand that turns YOU into the designer

You've got complete creative freedom over the material, colour and style

Diverge sneakers review

If you've aways fancied yourself as a Tinker Hatfield or Kanye West, or if you just want to wear something a little different to everyone else, we'd like to introduce you to Diverge, a new footwear brand that allows you to fully customise its range of sneakers.

It's a very cool story, which combines technology with traditional craftsmanship to create a throughly modern, personalised product. We've tried it out...

Upon landing on the Diverge (officially styled DiVERGE) website, you're given the choice of four silhouettes, including an 'Ugly'-style sneaker called Landscape, as well as slightly more sophisticated trainers called Minimal Low, Minimal High, and Slip On.

Naturally we chose the Landscape, as this provided the the most amount of customisation options. 

The personalisation really begins after you've selected your preferred silhouette, where you can choose everything from the colour and material of the upper, to the pattern on the laces and colour of the lining.

Diverge's online 3D builder allows you to check out your sneakers from every angle. It's very cool.

After finalising your design (which can take some time, if you're indecisive like us) you can even personalise the Diverge logo on the heel, with a statement or expression that's meaningful to you.

Your design is then sent to Portugal, where the sneakers are hand made.

Why would you do this over going to Footlocker to buy the latest pair of Nikes, though? 

The founders of Diverge believed that we are not able to shape our own story into what we buy, so started the brand "to help consumers better express their individuality by allowing them to actively participate in the creative process through product customisation". 

We really love the concept, and the sneakers are excellent quality. 

Head over to Diverge's website to start designing your sneakers. Prices range from £150 to £240.

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