Dev shows off home automation with Android Wear smartwatch

The future is couch-potato friendly...

Lights turning on and off, doors opening and closing, but no one's home. This ain't Paranormal Activity, it's Android Wear.

Home automation is the future-friendly art of controlling appliances around your house remotely, and we've just been given an awesome glimpse into the tech, courtesy of Android Wear.

Developer Doug Gregory has released a video where he controls various aspects of his home, like lighting or his garage door, just by speaking to his Android Wear smartwatch.

Using the touch-screen controls and phrases like "turn off the lamp", Gregory conducts his appliance orchestra with astonishing ease.

Google talked about a future for Android software in the home at this year's I/O conference, but there's been nothing concrete from the firm. This video is the first example of Android Wear being used to operate home appliances at distance on such an effective level.

"I was fortunate enough to spend a day with Android Wear ahead of its launch and immediately took to adapting the wearable to our powerful home automation solution," says Gregory.

"Lucky me, Android Wear works out of the box with the AutoApps including AutoVera, AutoVoice, and AutoNotification."

AutoVera is home automation software, Autovoice lets you control your Android device with your voice, and Autonotificationcreates custom notifications for your OS. All three apps are available on the Google Play store.

Check out Gregory's video below to see the magic happen: