BlackBerry PlayBook not getting BlackBerry 10 update?

CEO reluctant to answer questions about future of BlackBerry 10 on PlayBook

BlackBerry appears to be downplaying rumours suggesting that the company would be launching a BlackBerry 10 update for the PlayBook

BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins downplayed suggestions that the company would be releasing a BlackBerry 10 update for the PlayBook instead focusing on what he described as 'the future view of tablets'.

Speaking at an executive Q&A with the world's press Heins was asked about the release schedule for a BB 10 update on BlackBerry PlayBook, the CEO then responded by avoiding the question directly instead focusing on their current products.

"We've talked about PlayBook numerous times now, the pure hardware play is not really making a lot of sense, now I have to think of BlackBerry 10 as a platform not just as a product."

"So going forward we will focus on that future view of tablet (whatever that constitutes) I want to focus on the future, and that's where I'm going to spend our R&D money money on."

Only a few weeks ago the BlackBerry CEO was quoted as saying that tablets would in fact be gone in five years with tablets like the Kindle and the iPad being replaced by a single mobile device.

This would tie in with a leak today which stated that BlackBerry was working on a larger 5-inch version of the BlackBerry Z10 in an effort to take on the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S4.