Best Black Friday Xbox controller deals 2022

Everything you need to know about the best Xbox controllers and where to find the best prices this Black Friday

Black Friday Xbox controller deals
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Looking for Xbox controller deals this Black Friday? Then you've come to the right place as we've found the best Black Friday Xbox controller deals to treat yourself to this year.

The best Black Friday deals are always a great chance to get your hands on new gaming equipment, including accessories, chairs, consoles, controllers and more. Top gaming brands like Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo are predicted to have their prices slashed this year so if you’re looking to upgrade your gaming setup, November is the best time.

When it comes to picking the best Xbox controller for you, you need to decide your budget and what you want from your device, like features, weight adjustment and game profiles – read our best Xbox controllers guide for all the details.

To help you feel prepared for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we’ve found the best Xbox controllers that we’re sure will be popular this year, including which UK retailers will have the best prices.

Best Black Friday Xbox controller deals 2022


Nacon Revolution X Pro Controller
Rated the best Xbox controller, the Nacon Revolution X Pro Controller is a premium controller, packed full of features with a great fit and feel and at a reasonable price. It has a huge level of customisation options, like full button mapping support, shortcut buttons, adjustments, stick responsiveness and much more!


Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2
The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller is one of the best wireless controllers on the market right now. At a slightly more expensive price than the Nacon, this controller has around 40 hours of battery life, finely tuned design and configured controls, plus versatile gaming options – so you’re really getting the most out of what you’ve paid for!


Turtle Beach Recon Controller
The Turtle Beach Recon Controller is the top budget controller available. This controller packs a punch in terms of features, including ergonomic grips, premium audio and Pro-Aim Focus mode. Typically priced at £49.99, it’s a great controller that’s fun and easy to game with, and it won’t break the bank.


Powera Enhanced Wired Gaming Controller
The Powera Enhanced Wired Gaming Controller offers a high level of performance and responsiveness that you can rely on. With a robust build quality, this controller has two mappable advanced gaming buttons, with a volume dial on the front, that acts as a one-touch mute button. Whatever your style, Powera has a wide choice of designs and colours to choose from.


Lampelc Wireless Controller
Another high quality budget controller, the Lampelc Wireless Controller is better designed than most Xbox controllers, with its sculpted and ergonomic design. Available in a range of fun colours, this controller offers two pressure-point triggers, four LED signal indicators, a D-pad, and dual vibration function.

Black Friday Xbox Controller deals: Top UK retailers

Amazon Xbox Controller deals

Amazon Xbox Controller deals
One of the best retailers Black Friday deals is Amazon. Amazon offers a range of gaming equipment, like chairs, consoles, games and controllers, from top rated gaming brands. Along with our recommendations, Amazon has a vast selection of Xbox controllers, whatever your needs and budget.
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Currys Xbox Controller deals

Currys Xbox Controller deals
Currys is the home of electronic and tech deals, so if you’re on the lookout for a new Xbox controller, Currys is a great place to look. Currys also offer price match guarantees and lets you spread the cost for up to 36 months on their credit plans.
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Argos Xbox Controller deals

Argos Xbox Controller deals
If you’re looking for premium gaming deals, Argos is worth a look. Their gaming selection is full of everything you could possibly need and they also have a range of retro gaming consoles for the nostalgic gamers.
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Experts in computing and gaming devices, is one of the best UK retailers to look for controllers this Black Friday. If you need extra guidance, recommends their favourite products, to help you find the best quality product at the best price.
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