Weirdest, whackiest and wonderful gadgets we've seen at IFA 2016

A smart door stop? Of course, it was so obvious!

The tech trade show in Berlin that is IFA 2016 is well underway with plenty of huge innovation announcements, but it's the hidden gems that really cause excitement.

Sure you've got your big brands like Samsung and Sony launching TVs, wearables and smart home gadgetry. But it's the little known Chinese start-ups and oddball European releases that get the laughs.

We've trawled the halls of IFA for the wackiest, weirdest and downright wonderful tech tidbits that you have to see. Check them all out below for an eye-opening look at one future that could be.

Smart door stop

Feeling insecure at night? This smart door stop is better than your guard dog and alarm system combined, apparently.

From relatively unknown security company Xavax comes the smart door stop. Slip this under your door at night before you hit the sack and it will kick off a racket of noise should pressure be applied to it upon being open from the outside in.

Of course you'll only be able to use this in a situation where nobody is coming in that you know but then at least you should get a rowdy wake-up call.

Downward extractor

Bosch has stormed into IFA with its new version of the cooker extractor fan. No longer will steam and smells be grabbed as they rise up as this beast sucks them down into the depths where they belong.

Sure you'll need a lid to guide the steam into this extractor. Sure it will probably get clogged with sauces and overspill. Sure it takes up room on your hob. But it's new, it's different and it means no steam in your face on the way up to the normal hood - presuming none leaks out from the well placed lids. Ok, maybe this wasn't so well thought out.

Iron thing

An iron with a giant base thing that makes the iron a better iron for all the good ironing, apparently.

That mega base? It's all about creating lots of heat to get a good old steam on those clothes. The fact it looks like something invented in 1945? No problem it seems.

Alarm fluff

A fluffy ball. Looks cute right? What could be harmful about that? These are the thoughts going through the mind of a potential mugger or worse. But should they try it, that fluff will strike.

This personal alarm can churn out some serious decibels so the otherwise victim of an attack can turn the cute ball of fluff into a siren for safety. So what if it looks a little odd, right?

Double washer and drier

If you own a washing machine and a drier you probably suffer from lack of space in the home. This idea crams the two into one unit to fix that. The problem is you look like you're housing an alien invention devised to look weird.

While you can lob your washing right into the drier before cracking on with a fresh load you'll need plenty of height room and an ability to feel no fear in the face of a device that looks like an alien's face side-on. Got all that covered? Buy away.


It's not quite the holodeck Star Trek has in mind but it's the best we can do right now.

What looks like a pyramid of glass may be as equally advanced as pyramids were to Egyptians. This creates a 3D image apparently floating in the air. Useful for showing off construction plans, it seems. When will it replace the TV at home though? Probably never, if VR has anything to say about it.

App oven

An oven controlled by an app? Yup the kitchen of the future that 1950s America only dreamed of is finally here.

Use the app to follow recipes and it will pre-heat the smart connected oven for you ready to load the munch in to cook. Now we just need robot chefs to garnish and serve the feast.

Giant pretzel

This is a German tech trade show. So, giant pretzel woman. That is all.