Apple patent hints at future iPhone using NFC and Passbook

New patent focuses on NFC check-in technology

NFC is already available in the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Sony Xperia S but Apple could well be looking to integrate the feature on future iPhones

Apple have just been granted a patent which could see future iPhones or even the iPhone 5 appear with NFC technology allowing users to check-in to airport terminals using just their smartphones.

The patent shows that Apple could well be looking to expand on its Passbook app, a new feature which was recently announced to be launching alongside iOS 6.

Passbook is at present more a hub containing travel information and visual ticket codes letting you gain access to train tickets, live entertainment events and also use store cards.

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The acquisition of an NFC-related patent will naturally prompt suggestions that Apple could well be releasing the upcoming iPhone 5 with NFC or indeed be looking at placing the tech on their future devices.

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Source: US Patents Office