23andMe DNA testing kit deal could be a top Father's Day gift idea

Flash sale! Get £50 off this fascinating DNA testing kit, today only

23andMe Deal
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Just in time for Father's Day UK (it's the 21 June, if you'd forgotten!), Amazon has slashed the price of 23andMe DNA testing kits by £50 – but hurry, this flash sale ends at midnight. The 23andMe kits come top of our best DNA testing kits guide, as they offer such a detailed picture of your health and ancestry.

The flagship 23andMe 'Health + Ancestry Service' DNA testing kit, which provides extensive information on your ancestry and genetic health from a small saliva sample, will usually cost you £149, but today only it's just £99 on Amazon. 

This DNA kit makes a fantastically original Father's Day gift, ideal for anyone who's interested in getting some insight into their personal history.

23andMe Health + Ancestry Service | Was £149, now £99 at AmazonDeal ends: midnight 8 June

23andMe Health + Ancestry Service | Was £149, now £99 at Amazon
This is the most comprehensive at-home DNA testing kit that 23andMe currently offers. Spit into the testing tube and the firm promises more than 90 personalised genetic reports, including Ancestry Composition, Maternal & Paternal Haplogroups, and Neanderthal Ancestry, which tells you the number of genetic traits you share with this species of early man compared to other 23andMe customers. There's also health-based reports that can tell you if you're at risk of certain diseases.
Deal ends: midnight 8 June

23andMe also allows customers to access their raw, uninterpreted genetic data file. This can then be uploaded to third-party services like GedMatch, where the information can be used by amateur and professional researchers and genealogists to trace family trees.

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