T3 Awards 2022: all the Fitness award winners announced

The T3 Awards 2022 winners of best fitness tracker, best golf tech, best home gym equipment and more revealed!

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Today is the third – and admittedly the best – day of the T3 Awards 2022 as we're announcing the winners of the most exciting category: Fitness. Below you can find not only a list of winners but also the reasons we chose them; after all, the last 12 months have been a spectacularly busy year in terms of fitness!

Fitness has seen a massive uplift during the pandemic, and we still see an increased interest in all things health, wellness and fitness; no wonder companies are so busy releasing more and more products and introducing innovations almost constantly.

Sadly, though, there can only be one winner in each T3 Awards 2022 category, so we had to make some tough decisions. In all cases, we took into account not only the release date of the product but also its broader market environment; as a result, some winners are not the latest-and-greatest products but the ones that provided the best user experience and value for money in 2021/22.

Winners are announced in the following categories: Best Fitness Innovation, Best Multisport Watch, Best Running Watch, Best Fitness Tracker, Best Running Shoes, Best Workout Shoes, Best Home Gym Equipment, Best Home Weights, Best Sports Supplement or Snack, Best Golf Brand and finally, Best Golf Tech.

Without further ado, let's see who won the awards this year!

Therabody RecoveryAir JetBoots in useT3 Awards 2022 Winner's Badge

(Image credit: Therabody)

Best Fitness Innovation

The Therabody RecoveryAir JetBoots is a unique massage tool and one that makes a technology used by pro athletes available to everyday people like us.

The Jetboots use pneumatic pumps to inflate the sleeves, temporarily reducing blood flow between the legs and the body, then releasing it quickly to help flood the body with hormones and 'flush out' toxins.

What makes the Jetboots unique is the fact that the pump and the control panel are located on the boots – most pneumatic recovery devices house these in a separate unit that needs to be plugged in all the time, making them less convenient to use.

Thanks to this integration, the Jetboots are easy to use, clean and carry around, making them the ultimate training tool for any athlete who uses their legs for their workouts.

As such, we're really happy to announce that the Therabody RecoveryAir JetBoots are the winner of the Best Fitness Innovation award at the T3 Awards 2022.

Best Fitness Innovation shortlist

Airofit Pro, Therabody RecoveryAir JetBoots, Vitruvian Trainer+, Peloton Guide, Hyperice Hypervolt GO 2

Woman climbing outdoors while wearing Garmin Fenix 7 smartwatchT3 Awards 2022 Winner's Badge

(Image credit: Garmin)

Best Multisport Watch

What can we say? The Garmin Fenix 7X is the ultimate multisport watch. It has more features than its predecessor, the also excellent Garmin Fenix 6 Pro, plus solar charging and a brilliant touchscreen display.

The Garmin Fenix 7X blurs the line between premium smartwatches and performance wearables; it's convenient to use yet has the most accurate heart rate sensor and GPS chip we've ever seen from Garmin.

Better still, the touchscreen doesn't feel forced – it's integrated seamlessly into the design, unlike in many other running watches where adding a touchscreen display is more of an afterthought.

The new Stamina feature makes it easier to understand how running or cycling at a different pace affects your energy levels. And you can get access to this information right on the wrist, in real-time, on the watch which is brilliant.

Have we mentioned the Fenix 7X has an actual physical flashlight integrated into the watch case? 

As such, we're delighted to announce that the Garmin Fenix 7X is the winner of the Best Multisport Watch award at the T3 Awards 2022.

Best Multisport Watch shortlist

Wahoo ELEMNT Rival, Polar Vantage M2, Garmin Fenix 7X, Coros Apex Pro, Garmin Instinct 2 Solar

Coros Pace 2T3 Awards 2022 Winner's Badge

(Image credit: COROS)

Best Running Watch

The COROS Pace 2 is not a new running watch. In fact, it's been released a couple of years ago, but since then, the Pace 2 has fully been updated – COROS adding more features and ironing out usability issues constantly.

The Pace 2 is one of the lightest, most affordable running watches money can buy and thanks to the addition of new training features such as the COROS Training Hub, it's better value for money now than it's ever been.

COROS' dedication to providing runners with more training tools without raising its prices is the reason why we couldn't give this year's award to any other company. Being the best doesn't always mean having the newest, flashiest product – it's about listening to your customers and striving to meet their needs as best as you possibly can.

As such, we're really happy to announce that the COROS Pace 2 is the winner of the Best Running Watch award at the T3 Awards 2022.

Best Running Watch shortlist

Huawei Watch GT Runner, COROS Pace 2, Garmin Forerunner 55, Polar Pacer Pro, Apple Watch Series 7 Nike

Whoop 4.0T3 Awards 2022 Winner's Badge

(Image credit: Whoop)

Best Fitness Tracker

The Whoop 4.0 strap is a different fitness tracker from the rest in the sense that the emphasis is not on the physical product – the main attraction is the service Whoop provides based on the data collected by the tracker.

Even this service is somewhat unique to Whoop: all and every bit of data feed into the Strain Score metric that tells you how ready your body is to exercise. The Strain Score takes sleep, recovery, stress, heart rate variability and more into account; no wonder it's so useful to people who take training seriously.

As for the physical design, the Whoop 4.0 uses an updated heart rate sensor and battery and even has a vibration motor to help you wake up more gently (and without bothering people you share the bed with).

As such, we're thrilled to announce that the Whoop 4.0 is the winner of the Best Fitness Tracker award at the T3 Awards 2022.

Best Fitness Tracker shortlist

Fitbit Charge 5, Huawei Band 6, Whoop 4.0, Garmin Venu 2S, Xiaomi Watch S1 Active

On Cloudmonster reviewT3 Awards 2022 Winner's Badge

(Image credit: Matt Kollat)

Best Running Shoes

The On Cloudmonster is a max cushioned, neutral road running shoe designed to carry you in comfort over long distances.

It features the most amount of Cloud elements ever to be found in On shoes which is combined with the springy Speedboard, making the shoe an excellent choice for 10K+ runs.

On designs shoes that are nice to look at, and the Cloudmonster is no exception. The colours and over-the-top lettering make the shoes stand out from the crowd.

But the main reason why the Cloudmonster is getting the T3 Awards this year is that it's a culmination of all the goodness On Running has to offer. On has been going from strength to strength in recent years, and you'll see many people running in On shoes – a true testament of a real disruptor brand.

We'll hope to see On producing more shoes like the Cloudmonster in the coming years!

As such, we're thrilled to announce that the On Cloudmonster is the winner of the Best Running Shoes award at the T3 Awards 2022.

Best Running Shoes shortlist

Asics Metaspeed Edge +, Adidas Solarglide 5, Nike ZoomX Streakfly, On Cloudmonster, New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v12, Hoka Kawana, Under Armour HOVR Machina 3

Nike Metcon 7 review: detail shot of the workout shoesT3 Awards 2022 Winner's Badge

(Image credit: Matt Kollat/T3)

Best Workout Shoes

The Nike Metcon 7 are the best workout shoes Nike has produced in years.

It uses the resilient React foam which makes shoes better suited for sprinting and general cardio purposes. The thick rubber sole provides extremely stable footing, ideal for heavy and Olympic lifts, while the grooves at the front of the sole allow the Metcon 7 to bend; basically, you get the best of both worlds.

The upper has also been revamped and is said to be tougher than ever. Key areas have been reinforced with a strong mesh material without blocking the air out, so you can work out without worrying about the shoes getting too warm or falling apart after a few sessions.

Additionally, the tongues feature a lock tab under which you can hide the laces if you prefer them to be tucked away – they won't be in the way when climbing ropes or jumping on boxes.

Awesome workout shoes overall!

As such, we're delighted to announce that the Nike Metcon 7 is the winner of the Best Workout Shoes award at the T3 Awards 2022.

Best Workout Shoes shortlist

Nike Metcon 7, Under Armour TriBase Reign 4, Inov-8 BARE-XF 210 V3, Reebok Nano X2, GORUCK Ballistic Mid-Top Trainer

Schwinn 800IC reviewT3 Awards 2022 Winner's Badge

(Image credit: Future)

Best Home Gym Equipment

The Schwinn 800IC – or Schwinn IC4 as it's called in the US – indoor bike is an awesome piece of home gym equipment. It's sleek, smart, sexy and doesn't cost the earth, yet it provides a premium indoor cycling experience.

The bike has a near-silent operation despite the more than heavy enough flywheel – it also feels sturdy enough to last for years to come. The colour display has all the info you need to train efficiently indoors, plus, there is a tablet holder to help you stream workouts or TV shoes easier, should you wish to have yourself entertained while you shed fat.

Despite being versatile and sturdy, the bike takes up very little real estate in your home. It might not be foldable, but it has a comparatively small footprint and can be trollied around the house using the castor wheels at the front of the bike.

If you need an exercise bike that feels premium and enables you to train indoors without annoying the rest of the household, you'll need this exercise bike.

As such, we're thrilled to announce that the Schwinn 800IC/Schwinn IC4 is the winner of the Best Home Gym Equipment award at the T3 Awards 2022.

Best Home Gym Equipment shortlist

NordicTrack Commercial X22i Treadmill, Concept2 SkiErg, MuscleSquad Phase 3 Multi-Function Rack, Bowflex Treadmill 22

Closeup of the BLK BOX Adjustable Dumbbell on a carpeted floorT3 Awards 2022 Winner's Badge

(Image credit: Lee Bell)

Best Home Weights

Made from some high-quality materials, the BLK BOX Adjustable Dumbbells are a seriously robust bit of kit thanks to their steel weight plates and chrome-plated knurled handles. 

Despite the jump between different weights being rather steep, the dumbbell is super versatile, offering users one of the most extensive weight ranges we've ever seen, starting at 2kg and going all the way up to 32kg.

We also love its unique weight-changing mechanism, which we think is one of the most impressive out there – purely because it's just so quick and easy to use. This makes it an excellent option for HIIT fans who prefer fast-paced weighted workouts.

Home weights don't get much better than this!

As such, we're pleased to announce that the BLK BOX Adjustable Dumbbell is the winner of the Best Home Weights award at the T3 Awards 2022.

Best Home Weights shortlist

Core Fitness Adjustable Dumbbells, BoxBell 3-in-1, BLK BOX Adjustable Dumbbells, JaxJox DumbbellConnect, Eleiko Öppen Deadlift Bar

Greande Carb Killa Peanut Butter and JellyT3 Awards 2022 Winner's Badge

(Image credit: Matt Kollat/T3)

Best Sports Supplement or Snack

Grenade is probably one of the best protein bar companies, for a good reason. The Carb Killa franchise helped bring high protein bars in front of the eyes of many and popularise healthy snacks in general.

Its protein bars are delicious, triple-layered, chocolate-coated treats high in protein and low in sugar, making them an ideal, guilt-free alternative to chocolate bars.

There are several flavours to choose from, including Dark Chocolate Raspberry and White Chocolate Salted Peanut, but our favourite is the Peanut Butter and Jelly flavour – it has the right consistency and tastes absolutely brilliant.

Better still, Carb Killa bars are certified with the Informed Sport programme and therefore suitable for use by drug-tested athletes and military personnel.

As such, we're pleased to announce that the Grenade Peanut Butter & Jelly Protein Bar is the winner of the Best Sports Supplement or Snack award at the T3 Awards 2022.

Best Sports Supplement or Snack shortlist

MyProtein Weight Gainer Blend, Grenade CArb Killa Peanut Butter and Jelly flavour, Bulk Pure Whey Isolate, Huel Complete Protein, Naked Mass

TaylorMade Stealth HD driverT3 Awards 2022 Winner's Badge

(Image credit: Future)

Best Golf Brand

TaylorMade continue to set the standards as the best all-around golf brand. Some brands specialise in irons or wedges, others claim to make the best putters, while some hang their hat on producing the best golf balls. TaylorMade do it all, which is why you will find many of the top golfers on the planet using TaylorMade gear.

TaylorMade have some of the finest putters, wedges, irons, bags and golf balls that money can buy and this year they have led the way in the driver market too with the innovative, carbon faced Stealth model which has proven to be a huge hit in 2022 and tops our list of best drivers.

In the various individual categories, there is usually very little to choose between the leading golf brands as they make high-quality products, but in terms of sheer consistent performance across every product, in our eyes, TaylorMade have led the way this year.

As such, we're incredibly happy to announce that the TaylorMade is the winner of the Best Golf Brand award at the T3 Awards 2022.

Best Golf Brand shortlist

TaylorMade, OnCore Golf, PXR, Garmin, Stewart Golf, Original Penguin, Motocaddy

Garmin S62 worn on the wristT3 Awards 2022 Winner's Badge

(Image credit: Future)

Best Golf Tech

The golf tech market is an increasingly competitive environment as more and more golfers look to arm themselves with the latest technology. Whether it’s GPS watches, laser range finders or even portable launch monitors, golfers just can’t get enough of their gadgets, especially as they are becoming more affordable each year. Garmin have high-end offerings in all of the above categories but it’s in the GPS golf watch market where they really come to the... fore (sorry!).

Garmin make watches to suit all budgets and we have written a handy guide on the best Garmin GPS golf watches to help you decide which one best suits your needs. The Garmin Approach S62 is our choice for the best GPS golf watch but if that is out of your price range there are more affordable options that will do you just fine.

Garmin aren’t just about watches though and they also offer one of the best range finders out there. The Garmin Approach Z82 is fantastic. It isn’t just your standard point and shoot at the flag laser, it also has GPS and a multitude of other cool features too. It’s a truly outstanding piece of golf tech.

Garmin have recently moved into the launch monitor market too and while the Garmin Approach R10 has some kinks that need ironing out, it’s a cool device that comes in at an impressively low price. You can’t go wrong with a Garmin.   

As such, we're incredibly happy to announce that the Garmin Approach S62 is the winner of the Best Golf Tech award at the T3 Awards 2022.

Best Golf Tech shortlist

Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor, Garmin Approach S62, Garmin Approach S42, TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 Golf Edition, Shot Scope Pro L1, Motocaddy M-Tech Electric GPS Trolley

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