COROS Training Hub – How does it work and what are the new features?

New COROS Training Hub allows users to analyse metrics, communicate with a coach, plan future workouts, and form teams

Coros Training Hub showing on a laptop
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Coros is making strides in creating a training ecosystem for runners that's as comprehensive as similar offerings from Garmin and Polar. As well as providing athletes with even more data to work with, the new Coros Training Hub is also aimed at professional coaches who can use it as a platform to communicate with their runners. and while I'm no coach, I can't wait to try out the new Hub and see what other data I can extract from my runs!

I appreciate that reading this doesn't really sell the idea that is the Coros Training Hub. what surprised me the most is the user-friendliness of the interface. I'm used to clunkier, less user-centred design but the Coros Training Hub looks surprisingly easy to use. It uses a drag-and-drop system to add workouts and events and the main areas of interest are all marked well and clear to see.

The Coros Training Hub is a web app and is best viewed on a desktop computer or a laptop. I'm not sure if it's a responsive web app but even if it was, I can imagine the calendar section being rather cumbersome to look at on a small mobile screen.

Time to bust out my trusty Coros Pace 2 and start ramping up the miles again! But before you run off and start training straight away, make sure you check out T3's dedicated best running watch, best triathlon watch and best Garmin watch guides. 

How to gain access to the Coros Training Hub


The Coros Training Hub is open to public beta testing for the first 2,000 users from today, 7 December 2021. Users can sign up via COROS. Athletes will have access to a tutorial article via our support site, along with support for any questions they may have.


The Coros Training Hub is open for public beta testing for an additional 20 coaches from today. Coaches can sign up via COROS. Coaches will have access to a tutorial article via Coros' support site, along with support for any questions they may have. Coaches seeking access to the Coros Training Hub will be required to submit coaching credentials for verification. 

Coros Training Hub: Dashboard

The dashboard is where you'll see all your training stats at a glance view. This includes your 'Marathon Level' (Coros' way of telling you how well trained you're for a marathon-distance race), a list of recent workouts, lactate threshold rate zones, threshold pace zones, personal running records (1k to half marathon) and the race predictor times.

Coros Training Hub: EvoLab Metrics

The EvoLab Metrics section of the Coros Training Hub grants you access to... your EvoLab Metrics, not surprisingly. EvoLab has been launched relatively recently and much like the Training Hub, it's aimed at providing you with more data to better understand your performance such as training load, 4-week training summary, intensity distribution and more.

Coros Training Hub: Workout list

Hopefully this feature doesn't need to be explained too much. You can find all your previous workout data under this tab.

Coros Training Hub: Calendar

This is the coolest bit of the Coros Training Hub where you can create training plans and workouts for yourself as well as set key events in the future. The interface is super simple, as explained in the video above: just drag-and-drop items onto the timeline or create new workouts with basically one click. Pure training magic!

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