Peloton Guide is Peloton's cheapest product to date

Peloton's TV-connected camera tracks your workouts for more free-form exercise and costs a lot less than a bike

Peloton Guide
(Image credit: Peloton)

Peloton has released a new strength training device and it's both the smallest and the most affordable offering to date. The Peloton Guide is a webcam-sized unit that attaches to your TV to provide interactivity to on-screen workouts. 

As you follow the instructor on screen, the Guide tracks your movements while a heart rate band also feeds your readings into the system. The result, we're told is a more rounded full-body workout. You can see yourself on the screen to help you match your moves to the instructor and get credit when you match their form. 

The device also features a microphone and a remote to control the menu system and choose your workouts. Both the microphone and camera can be hidden when not in use. 

Peloton Guide

(Image credit: Peloton)

The Peloton Guide is coming to the US in 2022, priced $495 but you'll also need to pay the $12.99 monthly subscription for the app. If you already have the full all-access subscription, this won't cost you any more. 

This new product competes directly with the likes of the Tempo Move – though that includes the weighs, while here they are extra. It's aimed at those who perhaps don't have the room for one of the mirror devices or indeed a Peloton bike. 

It's certainly a simpler and more affordable solution to home workouts but it's still a lot more expensive than Apple Fitness+ or just a YouTube fitness channel. Does anyone really want to see themselves exercising on screen? I guess we'll find out when this launches in the New Year. 

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