Check out these Moto Mods - and how they could point to the future of mobile

After months in development, here's the low down on the 12 Mot Mods that made the cut.

As you might know, Moto Mods are, essentially, accessories for the Moto Z. But what you might not know is that it's possible to dream up your own using a development kit from Lenovo. Indeed the Chinese manufacturer has set aside  up to $1M in funding to bring the best ideas to market.

These 12 mods were picked from 700 entries across the globe and range from the seemingly impossible to the downright wacky. 

Whether you want a remote for your home, a walkie-talkie or a measuring instrument attached to the back of your phone these mods could represent some of the ways we'll use our phones in the future. 


Advanced notifications, wireless charging and extra battery life.

Ever thought about the amount of information your phone reaches out to you with every single day? What if you didn’t need to unlock your screen every time you want to stay on top of things and only have your phone distract you when it should? 

Edge is a Moto Mod concept that enhances your Moto Z with a built in multi-LED system. It can illuminate notifications with a wide range of colours and patterns, giving you incredible personalisation options - the world's first RGB lighting system for Moto Z smartphones. Multiple individually powered LEDs can be fully customized and linked to various notifications to provide a truly personal and enhanced smartphone experience. Edge Air will additionally upgrade your Moto Z with wireless charging and Edge Force will extend its battery life. It's time to give your smartphone the upgrade it deserves.

There are 2 versions to choose from -   the enhanced notification functionality is available on both modules.

Edge Force features its own 2000 mAh cell and can also be used to recharge your phone in case you need it to last longer than usual. 


The first smart walkie talkie with text messaging, GPS Sharing and more

Linc Smart Walkie Talkie for Moto Z and other smart devices is a revolutionary must-have communication tool for each and every outdoor enthusiast. 

With a range of up to five miles, it’s a perfect way for family and friends to stay in touch whether tackling a back country trail, making their way through an amusement park or whenever mobile coverage is unavailable. The Linc app allows access to SMS, GPS locations sharing, channel selections, Radio-Over-Internet mode, VOX and more. Unlike other walkie-talkies its slim design is stylish, lightweight, rugged, and barely changes the look of the Moto Z. Its slim design allows it to easily fit in your pocket or backpack. Operating on FRS/GMRS for voice communication Linc is perfect for outdoor recreation. It has 22 channels available with 121 Privacy codes for minimizing the amount of unwanted chatter on your main channel, ideal in a busy area such as a ski resort. 

Smart Z Wallet

Store bank notes, credit cards and get longer battery life

Developed by a group of entrepreneurs called Team One Technology, the Smart Z Wallet concept is made out of the finest carbon fibre and stainless steel. Aiming to give you space to store bank notes and credit cards, the mod also provides GPS and a 1,200mAh battery as well for an extra boost on the go.

Wireless Charing Style Shell

Claiming to be the ‘ultimate Moto Z Mod’ this candidate includes wireless charging and IR emitters housed in a style shell case.

Describing it as the most simple and elegant thing that can be attached to a Moto Z, the idea for the Wireless Charging Style Shell is to integrate wireless charging and infrared emitters, allowing you to use the device as a remote control, in a stylish accessory no thicker than an existing Moto Z style shell. 

Z Sterilizer

Immediately sterilise objects using this amazing cover

A concept for keeping germs away, this Mod aims to provide an effective and convenient tool for protection from the surrounding germs which affect the user upon touching their device. Consisting of a UV light source that is used for the purpose of immediate sterilization of objects, the Z Sterilizer has a germicidal light emitting back cover. Anyone concerned with disinfecting materials before use will be able to make use of this portable tool which is capable of sterilizing everyday objects we use from door handles to gym equipment - just let your Mod do the job for you. 

Mico Solar Powered Charger

A modular solar battery

Developed by Modularis Systems, Mico is aiming to take Mods to the next level with a 2200mAh battery giving you 75% more power for your Moto Z with the integrated solar cell allowing it to continue to charge throughout the day. Providing vital charge on excursions such as a camping trip, whilst out on a hike, or even in an emergency. Even in everyday use Mico will keep your internal battery fuller for longer helping to offset that dreaded power cable -  not to mention, solar power is free. 


A wireless probe for accurate measuring

InstruMod claims to be the world’s first multi-functional smartphone based measuring instrument, developed by SY Technologies, incorporating a wireless probe design which works with a microcontroller embedded on the probes for converting analogue signals to digital, an accompanying app is used to document your project development, making calculations and displaying readings.

The Mod is able to take measurements such as voltage, current, continuity and temperature. 

Palm Smart Remote

The remote to rule them all? 

With nine user-defined buttons and an IR Blaster, each room in your smart home can be controlled and granularly customised as you see fit. You will have ease of access to your home theatre, lights, fans, blinds and speakers – or put more simply: if it can be controlled, you’ll be able to do it from your smartphone. With a dedicated button to launch Android Shortcuts, the Palm will be launched with initial support for the following smart home applications: WINK, SmartThings and Philips Hue. Power up and control everything from your radio to your kettle. 


Built-in earphones which can be pulled out easily

Tired of carrying earphones that tangle and frustrate? The EarMods are here to help, with a Mod containing built-in earphones, the earphones can be retracted easily at the push of a button. In addition the Mod contains a 1000 mAh battery for an extra boost when you’re out and about. 


A Swiss-Army knife for your modular synth

For any budding music producer, imagine adding to your synth tactile control, a high resolution screen and storage without the need to add a single cable to your patch. A companion app allows the option to share audio and MIDI with other apps, opening up new possibilities for collaboration. Euromod can process and store 4 analogue signals at 24 bits and 48KHz resolution -  both the module firmware and dedicated app seamlessly update from cloud, while audiophile grade selected components will keep even the most finely tuned ears busy for days in the studio or at home. 


Taking phones beyond cellular networks

No cellular service, no problem – Modulator functions as a digital walkie talkie, enabling Moto Z devices to communicate directly via voice or text message without the need for existing network infrastructure using an encrypted signal. The service will be free of charge making it ideal for communicating securely or when you find yourself in a signal black spot.

Digital Recorder

Record in high quality audio

The CYE Digital Recorder aims to build on the current capabilities of voice recording apps by upgrading it to super high quality audio. Buttons featured on the back of the device allow for easy use, making the Mod invaluable to anyone with the need to regularly records conversations.