Hive unveils the smaller, more affordable, Hive Thermostat Mini, that can help you save on your heating bills

An intuitive, streamlined way to boost your energy efficiency

Hive Thermostat Mini
(Image credit: Hive)

Hive has revealed a new addition to its family of smart heating products: the Hive Thermostat Mini. A more compact, more affordable version of the brand's popular Smart Thermostat, the Mini is designed to provide a straightforward way to help you monitor and improve your household's energy efficiency. It could also help you save up to £110 a year on your energy bills* by never heating an empty home, reducing your carbon footprint, too. 

The Hive Thermostat Mini is packed with intuitive smart features, all of which can be managed conveniently, wherever you are, using the Hive App on your smartphone. In fact, it can do almost everything its original, more expensive  sibling can do. Hive lets you control up to six heating zones in your home, set a heating schedule that's personalised to your household's needs, and activate holiday mode when you go away. And if you want a little extra outside of your schedule, you can kick off the Boost Heat function for up to six extra hours of heat or hot water.

Hive Thermostat Mini

(Image credit: Hive)

Like the original thermostat, there are also additions geared towards taking the effort out of managing your heating. For example, the Mini will detect if you've left the house with the heating on, and send you an alert to see if you want to switch it off, to save you from heating an empty home. For peace of mind in the winter months, there's also built-in frost protection – so if you're out and about and the temperature drops below 7°C in your home, the Mini will switch the heating on to prevent the pipes from freezing, saving you from a potential world of pain and a hefty repair bill.

Small but mighty

The Hive Thermostat Mini looks good, too, with a sleek mirrored finish and streamlined design to suit the compact form. (So good, in fact, the Mini picked up a 2021 GOOD DESIGN Award.) A beautifully simple interface lets you access the essentials on the device itself: you can set and adjust the target temperature and switch between manual and scheduled heating and hot water modes, for example. For ultimate ease, you can even control your thermostat with your voice, via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

For more complex adjustments and to keep an eye on your heating habits, though, you'll want the Hive App. Another award-winner, the Hive App provides a clear, central access point for all the Mini's features, whenever you need them and wherever you happen to be.

A smart thermostat not only helps you manage your energy use so you can save on your bills, but also has positive knock-on effects for the environment. The Mini is a great tool for families looking to shrink their carbon footprint and make their household more eco-friendly. 

While the Mini is a great option for anyone who wants to make their home more energy-efficient but doesn't know where to start, it's also a great addition for current Hive customers, who can hook it up with their existing Hive Hub. The Thermostat Mini is available to new Hive customers for £119, or if you already have a Hive Hub, for just £59. For more information, head to the Hive website

*Savings based on an average annual energy consumption of 10,578 kWh at (3.8p per kWh). Carbon saved per year: 488.2 Kg CO2e (0.184kg of CO2e per kWh). Savings achieved could be higher or lower depending on the weather, previous energy usage, energy tariff, home and heating system properties and home heating habits.

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