The best fridge freezer 2018

Fridge up top, freezer down below, ice to see you, to see you ice. Fridge freezers from under £200 to over £1,500

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A decent sized fridge freezer is a home essential that's staggering in both its mundanity and its essentialness. 

However, what we've picked out here are stand-alone fridge freezers packed with character, high-end functionality and, in some cases, cameras inside. They're fridge freezers for people who love tech and design as much as they love fish fingers, cake and milk that's not gone off. None of them are super-cheap, student-flat-esque things, but there's a decent range of prices here.

Our current pick of the cold boxes is the Bosch Serie 4, or as its friends call it, Bosch KGN34VB20G. It offers the best mix of performance features, brand reliability and keen pricing, and looks, mmmm… Not bad. 

And it comes in black. Always bet on black, as Wesley Snipes once said, in Passenger 57

How to buy the best fridge freezer for you

Generally, fridge freezers just stand there, looking boring, full of food. But try living without one and see how you get on. So which one do you need? The obvious answer to this is, "one that's big enough for your needs, and works". You could easily buy an anonymous, built-in unit, and not think about it again for another 10 years or so.

Fridge freezers come in two styles: single door models with a 60/40 split between fridge and freezer and, for those with extra space, two-door American-style leviathans that resemble portals to another universe made entirely of food and booze.

Most modern fridge freezers models come stacked to the rafters with clever tech that controls humidity and temperature while others go even further to include app-based diagnostics, automatic door opening and internet-connectivity. 

Do you need that techy icing applied to the top of your food-storage cake? No you do not. Would you like to have them? Hell yeah.

These then are our Lucky 7 best fridge freezers, in order of preference and rated for what they're 'Best for'…

The best fridge freezers to buy today

1. Bosch Serie 4 (KGN34VB20G)

Best fridge freezer under £500

Reasons to buy
+Excellent value+No defrosting required
Reasons to avoid
-Not much storage space in the door

This exceptional, keenly-priced free-stander comes dressed in black or white, and features a humidity-controlled VitaFresh box for longer-lasting, tastier veg and sensor-supervised constant air circulation for uniform temperatures. 

The top refrigeration section has a net capacity of 184 litres and comes with four shelves, three of them adjustable, plus three slim racks in the door. 

The 93-litre freezer compartment provides adequate grocery accommodation for a family of four and features Bosch’s spiffing NoFrost technology to stop ice from encasing the Tupperware container of lasagne you forgot you’d stashed away months ago. 

If you’re scouring the market for a good-looking, well-made fridge freezer that doesn’t cost a king’s ransom, give this model a whirl. 

2. Gorenje NRK6192MWUK

Best styled fridge freezer under £500

Reasons to buy
+Handsome styling, in 6 colours+Deep bottle rack
Reasons to avoid
-Protruding door handles

If you’re looking for a tall, handsome, tech-filled fridge freezer that doesn’t cost the earth then step right this way. 

Gorenje is a Slovenian brand that’s shaking up the industry with a range of reasonably priced domestic appliances that are garnering very favourable reviews.

This model has a net capacity of 307 litres (222 litres for the fridge and 85 for the freezer) which is ample for a family of four. 

It’s got some pretty nifty tech on board, too. MultiFlow 360˚ and IonAir technology ensures cool, fresh air reaches all areas while AdaptTech helps to return the interior to optimal temperature after you've opened the door. 

Take a gander inside the fridge section and you’ll find three main shelves, three door shelves, a deep bottle rack for those annoyingly large fizzy drink bottles, a low temperature veggie drawer with integral humidity adjuster and an extra-large container for the Christmas turkey. 

The smaller freezer section, meanwhile, provides sufficient space for a small shed-load of stuff you’ll almost certainly forget you had. The Gorenje is available in six colours from white and champagne to black, burgundy and fiery red.

3. Miele KFN 29483 D edt/cs

Best luxury fridge

Reasons to buy
+Soft door closing+Exceptional performance+Reliability is a given
Reasons to avoid
-Very tall-Very expensive

If you have kids, or indeed adults, who constantly slam the fridge door, try them out on this Rolls Royce of Miele models. Its SoftClose anti-slam system gently closes itself as soon as the door reaches a 30º angle. It’s just as effortless to open. 

At over two metres high, this is one of the tallest single-door fridge freezers on test, so be sure you’re tall enough to reach its top shelf. 

Its 60/40 split offers ample refrigeration space with two crisper drawers, four shelves (three fully adjustable), a bottle rack and three door shelves, and another three drawers in the freezer department downstairs. 

Dynamic cooling ensures food remains fresher for longer by way of a fan that distributes a constant stream of chilled air throughout the interior. This allows you to store any product anywhere in the fridge. 

The Miele is A+++ rated for energy efficiency and that’s outstanding. More to the point, when you buy a Miele, you get unflinching reliability and the highest quality of components as a matter of course.

4. Beko ASGP342

Best American-style fridge

Reasons to buy
+Superbly priced+Huge capacity+Tech aplenty
Reasons to avoid
-Allegedly dodgy ice dispenser-Naff logo plastered on front

The ASGP342 is Beko’s latest offering in the arena of American-style fridge-freezers. It’s a cracker for the price, and also available in black. 

It’s no slouch on the tech front, coming as it does with NeoFrost dual fans for maintaining the correct humidity and Air Flow Cooling in both the fridge and freezer compartments. 

Take a look inside the 368-litre fridge section and you’ll find two main vegetable containers, a humidity-controlled EverFresh salad compartment, three adjustable shelves, a wine rack and ample extra storage space in the door. 

Over to your left is a 176-litre freezer equipped with seven slim storage compartments and a plumbed water and ice dispenser. 

This is a mighty model with looks and features that belie the asking price, although some owners have reported trouble with the ice dispenser. 

5. Zanussi ZRT18101WA

Best budget fridge freezer

Reasons to buy
+Great price
Reasons to avoid
-Cheap-looking interior-Comparatively small

AKA 'The token cheap one'. 

Freestanding fridge-freezers don’t come much cheaper than this diminutive model from Zanussi. It’s like having a normal under-counter fridge with a separate freezer compartment on top. Not the biggest freezer, admittedly, but enough to stash a few pots of Häagen-Dazs, some frozen French fries and a small bag of ice. The essentials, in other words.

The fridge has a gross capacity of 138 litres and that’s just about right for a couple, or ménage-a-trois. 

A smidge under 200 smackers gets you a standard no-frills salad and veggie box, three interior shelves (two adjustable) and door space for a couple of pints of milk, two litres of water, half a dozen eggs and some edible knick knacks.

6. Samsung Family Hub

Best fridge freezer for techies

Reasons to buy
+Integrated tablet+Interior cameras+Humongous size
Reasons to avoid
-Pricey-Who the hell needs cameras in a fridge?-Or a tablet on the front?

Samsung’s always ahead of the curve when it comes to appliances, but the South Korean manufacturer has truly excelled with the Family Hub. 

This massive, 380-litre model comes festooned with sci-fi tech, including a huge 21.5-inch touchscreen plastered to the fridge door, and web-connected cameras inside. 

The front-mounted Android tablet is an app-laden online portal that provides instant recipes, web browsing, doodling and Google and Outlook calendar syncing. 

The three interior cameras face towards the contents. The idea is that when you’re out shopping and can’t remember if you have any mayonnaise left, you Just launch an app on your iOS or Android phone and have a look inside the fridge. Er, right.

You can also take a snapshot of the fridge interior, then drag and drop ‘use by’ timers over the various contents, so you can eat everything before old man salmonella pays a visit. 

That's all borderline useless, but tech bonuses also include precise cooling, a storage door specifically for keeping meats fresh, dual humidity control for both fridge and freezer sections, and even a stainless steel tray for holding marinated meats. Now THAT is handy.

For those with even more dosh in the coffers, an American-style multi-door version is also available for even sillier money.

7. Smeg FAB32RNA

Best retro-hipster fridge freezer, daddio

Reasons to buy
+Pleasingly retro styling+Exquisite exterior finish+Available in a multitude of colours
Reasons to avoid
-Sadly lacking in tech-Sadly not lacking in price

Despite being on the market for umpteen years, Smeg’s retro range of fridge freezers still look as fresh and desirable as ever. 

Available in left- and right-handed door configurations and in seven gorgeous colours, the aptly named FAB is just the ticket for a family of four.

Don’t go searching for high-tech functions and interior innovations because this fridge is all about the gorgeous 1950s-style enamelled exterior. That said, it does have three height-adjustable shelves, a vegetable section, an excellent array of door-mounted trays (seven in all) and a wine rack in chrome, if you please.

The freezer compartment comprises two basket drawers and a hatched ice cream compartment. If you have a retro-style kitchen then this is unquestionably one of your better options. 

8. Neff KI6873F30G

Best integrated fridge freezer

Reasons to buy
+Ample capacity+Extra large freezer box
Reasons to avoid
-Rather expensive

This integrated 272-litre fridge-freezer is ideal for kitchens with floor-to-ceiling cabinets. 

It comes equipped with five door trays, four height-adjustable glass shelves and, in the freezer compartment, two storage containers, one of which is big enough for an ostrich.

Its FreshSense function uses sensors to keep the fridge at the optimum operating temperature while its HydroFresh vegetable box adds extra life to your perishables. 

The manually-set SuperCool and SuperFreeze options lower the temperature of both the fridge and freezer when adding new groceries and rest assured that, should there be a power cut, your meats will stay frozen for 'up to 26 hours'.