The best golf waterproofs of 2022 will help you play through any weather

Waterproof golf jackets, trousers, hats... In summary: all the best golf waterproofs

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Best golf waterproofs for golf
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The weather is getting better, but thanks to the best golf waterproofs, you can get a round even if the forecast turns gloomy. From waterproof golf jackets and trousers to rainproof hats, the best waterproofs for golfers come in many different guises but they all have one thing in common: they keep you protected from the rain and wind when you're on the course.

They are designed to repel the worst of the weather, all while offering the right level of breathability and flexibility needed to not interfere with your swing or make you overheat on the course. The courses and conditions in which you play will vary throughout your time as a golfer, so pick clothing that can be layered up as required by the changing weather conditions on the day.

While it's generally true that the more you pay the better the gear is, we have found some effective pieces that won’t break the bank. Among these are tried and tested outdoors and top golfing brands like Callaway, ProQuip and Under Armour.

The best golfing waterproofs include golf trousers, snazzy golf jackets and rainproof golfing hats created in a variety of designs. Each is designed to offer you a high level of weatherproof protection, as well as boosting your comfort on the green.

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The best golf waterproofs to buy now

Galvin Green Apollo Waterproof Jacket on white backgroundT3 Award

(Image credit: Galvin Green)

1. Galvin Green Apollo Paclite Gore-Tex Waterproof Jacket

The best golf waterproofs

Best for: All conditions
Material: Gore-tex
Type of clothing: Jacket
Features: Adjustable cuffs & hem, front pockets, adjustable chest width
Reasons to buy
+Unbeatable performance+Fully waterproof and windproof+Stylish, makes a statement
Reasons to avoid

Galvin Green are the top name in premium golf apparel and the Apollo Paclite Gore-Tex is perhaps the best jacket they have ever released. Ergo, it’s perhaps the best waterproof golf jacket anyone has released. Yes, it’s that good.

So what makes it so special? The short answer would be ‘everything about it’. It’s fully seam-sealed so not a single drop of rain is getting in this jacket, no matter how heavy the downpour. It has excellent breathable properties and is also totally windproof.

The Galvin Green Apollo is lightweight, extremely comfortable when swinging the golf club and comes in a number of incredibly stylish designs and snazzy colour combinations. The Cool Grey/White/Sharkskin/Black is especially classy looking, but the more conservative golfer may prefer the Navy/White/Cool Grey/Sharkskin design.    

Much like a high quality, luxury Garmin golf watch, a Galvin Green jacket makes a statement. It tells the world that you are a serious golfer. Not necessarily a force to be reckoned with on the course, as your game will probably not match the quality of the jacket, but it will mark you out as someone who takes their golf seriously.

If you’re tempted but need to justify the hefty price tag to yourself (you won't get much change out of £300) then look at this as a long term investment. It’s of such a high quality that it will last you a long time, so rather than spend £150 now and then another £150 on a replacement a few years down the line, treat yourself to a Galvin Green now.

PING SensorDry 2.5 Waterproof Jacket on white backgroundT3 Award

(Image credit: PING)

The perfect choice for wet winters (and summers if you're British)

Best For: All but the coldest days
Material: Polyester
Type of Clothing: Jacket
Features: Zipped hand pockets, internal media pocket, adjustable cuffs
Reasons to buy
+Waterproof & windproof+Highly breathable+Incredibly lightweight
Reasons to avoid
-Only available in blue

Made from 100% polyester the PING SensorDry 2.5 is waterproof to 20,000mm and has breathability to 20,000g. 

In layman’s terms that means if it’s wet but hot and muggy you won’t sweat in it, and if it’s dry but with a chilly breeze the jacket will shield you from that without restricting your movement in the swing. The only thing it won’t do is keep you warm on a really cold day, but then it isn’t designed for that. 

The engineered 2.5 stretch fabric has a soft and supple feel that gives great freedom during the golf swing and the jacket features a fully seam sealed, two way centre front zipper which goes right up to a collar that sits high enough on the neck to keep the rain out, but not too high that it is restrictive.

Despite being extremely lightweight the PING SensorDry 2.5 also boasts great wind resistance to keep that chill out when on those breezy days down at your local links.

It’s even fashionable enough that you can wear it away from the golf course too, as the discreet nature of the branding means it just looks like a nice casual rain jacket.

A waterproof jacket such as the SensorDry 2.5 or something of similar quality is a must have for the serious golfer, so if you've been 'making do' and spending your money on more glamorous golf kit, it might be time to rethink.

Want to know more? Try my full, T3 Platinum Award winning PING SensorDry 2.5 waterproof jacket review.

adidas RAIN.RDY Waterproof Jacket on white background

(Image credit: adidas)

3. Adidas RAIN.RDY Waterproof Jacket

Stay cool, dry and comfortable in those summer showers

Best For: Summer showers
Material: 80% polyester, 20% elastane engineered
Type of Clothing: Jacket & Trousers
Features: Full zip with stand up collar, front zip pockets
Reasons to buy
+Windproof+Flexible and stretchy
Reasons to avoid
-Not ideal on very cold days

This lightweight, highly flexible jacket is just the ticket when summer showers are interrupting your flow. Matching trousers are also available.

Fully waterproof and windproof, the RAIN.RDY is extremely lightweight and provides great comfort due the stretch in the fabric that lets you move without restriction. The drop tail hem is a particularly nice feature as it stops the jacket riding up during the golf swing.

While it's ideally suited for warmer weather, the RAIN.RDY jacket is large fitting which means you can comfortably wear a jumper or hoody underneath on those days when you need that extra warmth.

On that note, make sure you order a size down as they are quite large fitting.

Under Armour Storm Proof Golf WaterproofsT3 Approved badge

(Image credit: Under Armour)

4. Under Armour Mens Storm Proof Rain Jacket & Trousers

Repel the wind and keep out the rain

Best for::
Type of clothing::
Reasons to buy
+Great value+Excellent waterproofing +Also windproof+2-year guarantee
Reasons to avoid
-You might want something a bit more breathable on the warmer days

Made from 100% polyester and 2.5-layer bonded fabric with a durable, smooth exterior, not only are these jacket and trousers completely waterproof and breathable, but UA Storm technology actually repels water so it just beads off the material. 

You don’t have to worry about any liquid getting through regardless of how heavy the downpour is, and an added bonus is that they dry off really, really, quickly. Just a quick wipe with a towel and you can put them back in your golf bag without getting everything else in there soaking wet.

The jacket has fully taped seams and hydrogel zippers, while the windproof properties ensure you are well shielded from the elements. It features a full zip front with storm flap on the upper, two zipped hand pockets, adjustable velcro sleeve fasteners and the shaped hem can be adjusted with a drawcord.  

The trousers have an adjustable hem cord, velcro side adjusters, lower leg zips and secure hand pockets.

They come in a variety of sizes (standard waist sizes plus options for short leg) and before choosing you should weigh up other you want to wear them over your regular golf trousers or instead of them. If you want them in the bag to throw on in an emergency, you might want to go a size up.

Both jacket and trousers come with a 2-year manufacturer waterproof guarantee.

Check out our full review of the Under Armour Storm Proof Waterproof jacket and trousers.

Nike HyperAdapt Storm-Fit Jacket on white backgroundT3 Award

5. Nike HyperAdapt Storm-Fit Jacket

The best golfing waterproof for stylish golfers

Best for: Stylish golfers
Material: Four-way stretch fabric
Type of clothing: Jacket
Features: Water and windproof
Reasons to buy
+Four-way stretch fabric for unrestricted swing+Sealed seams and storm-fit tech keeps rain out+Mesh sleeve panels increase airflow for extra comfort
Reasons to avoid
-Velcro straps on cuffs sometimes curl at the sides

Providing a high level of protection on the green, Nike’s HyperAdapt Storm-Fit Jacket is a popular golfing waterproof because of its lightweight and comfortable fit. This makes it the perfect choice for drizzly summer golfing or to wear over a thicker baselayer in autumn and beyond.

As the jacket is seam-sealed, rain has little chance of seeping in. Adding to this protection are waterproof zippers and a storm flap. The HyperAdapt is windproof too, with mesh sleeve panels enhancing airflow and keeping you cool during play. Nike is so confident that the HyperAdapt Storm-Fit jacket is one of the best golfing waterproofs around, it’s backed it with a three-year waterproof guarantee. You’ll get a fair few rounds in during that time.

Puma Ultradry Waterproof JacketT3 Approved badge

(Image credit: Puma)

6. Puma Ultradry Jacket

Waterproof, windproof & affordable. What's not to like?

Best for:: Spring / Summer
Material:: Nylon
Type of clothing:: Jacket
Features:: Waterproof, windproof, zipped hand pockets
Reasons to buy
+3 year waterproof guarantee+Seam sealed+Velcro cuff adjusters
Reasons to avoid
-Not ideally suited to the coldest days

Puma’s Ultradry Jacket represents excellent value for money. It comes in at the mid-lower price range but it’s stylish, functional and comes in two different colours. 

A fully seam sealed stretch StormCell fabric reduces weight and improves mobility which helps in the golf swing as there’s nothing more confidence sapping than feeling like you can’t swing freely.

The Ultradry is waterproof, windproof and brings some nice little extras to the table, such as cuff adjustors, bungee cord hem and waist pockets. There is also a neck guard to ensure rain doesn’t trickle down your back on those really wet days.

Under Armour GORE-TEX Paclite Jacket on white backgroundT3 Award

7. Under Armour GORE-TEX Paclite Jacket

Never mind waterproof, weatherproof is the way to go

Best for: All conditions
Material: Gore-Tex
Type of clothing: Jacket
Features: Zipped hand pockets, internal media pocket, adjustable hem and cuffs
Reasons to buy
+Waterproof and windproof+Highly breathable+Adjustable hem and cuffs
Reasons to avoid
-Long zip may bulge 

Gore-Tex's membrane has long been the first word in clothing that combines weatherproofing and ventilation. Thanks to the fabric and the UA Storm technology, this jacket won’t let in a bite of wind or a drop of rain. Despite this, it’s miraculously breathable, which will keep you relatively sweat free underneath. 

Urban Armour's Paclite technology does what the name implies: the jacket packs down so small when not in use that you can keep it in your pocket 'just in case' the heavens open. 

The only downside to this waterproof golfing jacket (available in Red and Black) is the long zip, which may bulge out when you bend over to take a shot. It's certainly no deal-breaker, though.

Sunderland Waterproof Wide Brim Golf HatT3 Approved badge

(Image credit: Sunderland of Scotland)

8. Sunderland Waterproof Wide Brim Golf Hat

Keep your heady dry with this stylish bucket hat

Best for:: Any time the rain is heavy
Material:: Polyester
Type of clothing:: Hat
Features:: Fully waterproof, micro mesh lining
Reasons to buy
+Keeps your head dry+Breathable, adjustable.
Reasons to avoid
-Only comes in one colour

There’s no point having a waterproof jacket and trousers if your head is going to get wet, so on those really rainy days you’ll be needing a waterproof hat.

The Sunderland Waterproof Wide Brim Golf Hat is just the ticket when it’s chucking down. The wide brim gives you the kind of protection you just can’t get from a cap and it will prevent the rain running down your head, down the back of your neck and then seeping in through your collar.

It features an elasticated headband for comfortable fit and is fitted with a lightweight micro-mesh lining which offers added breathability.

A man wearing a blue waterproof golf jacket while taking a swing

Choosing the best golfing waterproofs for you

There are different degrees of weatherproofing available, from all-out waterproof materials that can keep you dry in the harshest of showers, to highly technical fabrics designed to lessen the impact of the wind. For a more detailed look check out our handy guide to what to look for when buying waterproofs for golf

But for now here's a brief summary...

  • Waterproof: does exactly as it says on the in, keeping the rain out (and your base layers dry) no matter the length of your game of golf.
  • Rainproof: not as hefty as waterproof, but still offers far more protection than your regular golf jacket. 
  • Windproof: unless specified, this type of weatherproofing won’t protect you from the rain but it will spare you from biting winds.

When buying the best golfing waterproofs for you, it's wise to try them on and do a few practice swings when wearing them, if you can, to see how each garment might enhance or impact your performance.