Xbox 360 Star Wars special edition console

Limited edition droid themed console unvealed

First Halo, then Gears of War, now Star Wars has had a bash at designing the Xbox 360, it's geek heaven.

Pictures have been released of the special edition Xbox 360 that's in honour of Star Wars Kinect the game. Based on the theme of R2-D2 and C-3PO it's clear to see which is which with that shiny controller viewable from miles away.

Inside the box you'll find a gleaming white Xbox 360 with blue lighting and custom sounds for both on/off and the disc tray. With a 320GB Hard Drive and built-in wireless it may not be entirely on the same level as it's inspiration but it still packs a punch. As well as that you'll then be treated with a new generation gold wireless controller

Both are bundled with a white-skinned Kinect sensor and the Star Wars Kinect game with prices around $499 or £275. There's no word on official UK pricing as yet, but in fairness, it's unlikely you'll care considering how good it looks.

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