Xbox 360 Slim on sale in UK from 16 July

Microsoft Xbox 360 Slim shows off it's slinky new looks at E3 but UK gamers will have to wait.

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Xbox 360 Slim
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Xbox 360 Slim

Microsoft Xbox 360 Slim is officially unveiled at E3 and the latest slinky offering is a glossy little number.

Microsoft has unveiled the new slinky, shiny Xbox 360 Slim at E3 in Los Angeles but UK gamers will have to wait a month before they will be able to get their hands on Microsofts updated console.

At the keynote Microsoft whipped the covers off the glossy black slimline Xbox to revealing a 250GB removable hard drive, built-in 802.11n wireless internet support. The Slim is backwards compatible with games and accessories from the Xbox 360.


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But before you get too excited, the official Xbox Twitterer revealed that UK gamers will have to wait until July to buy theirs.Tweeting after the show, they revealed:

“Looks like a July 16th launch in Europe for the new Xbox 360.”

The sexy new black box is also said to be “super-quiet”, addressing the complaints of noise made against existing machines. It has 5 USB slots and a smaller, more efficient power supply.