Windows Phone 7 arrives in China with HTC Triumph

Four handsets manufacturers on board for launch

Windows Phone has arrived in China with the HTC Triumph, the Chinese version of our HTC Titan, and should be followed shortly by Nokia, Samsung and ZTE

Microsoft is officially launching Windows Phone 7 with the HTC Triumph in China. At the launch event in Beijing, the company also announced they will be partnering with three other mobile companies; Nokia, Samsung and ZTE.

Although no specific details were released, such as release dates or operators, the HTC Triumph (known as the HTC Titan outside of China) will go on sale ‘unlocked’ and available for all carriers, with Windows Phone 7 pre-loaded.

It’s unclear whether any local Chinese social services will be pre-installed on the HTC Triumph, though an unofficial hands-on with the Triumph showed no traces.

There were no comments made about this at the event in Beijing, so it remains unclear, though it’s expected that the phone should have Facebook and Twitter stripped and replaced with Sina Weibo and Tencent Weixin, Chinese social networking equivalents.

The HTC Triumph has been advertised at the recently opened HTC store in Beijing, with pre-orders available and prices starting at ¥4,399 (£438), a fairly hefty price, though not too much higher than the Titan version sells for in the UK, checking in at around £300-400

Nokia is holding its own press conference on March 28 to unveil their devices, operators and launch details. Samsung and ZTE are expected follow suit soon after.