OnLive Desktop Plus iPad app brings IE9, gigabit web browsing

Subscription app now brings Windows 7, Office and lightning Flash browsing to iPad

OnLive has launched the OnLive Desktop Plus subscription service for iPad. The virtual Windows 7 service now brings full flash-enabled Internet Explorer and access to its gigabit web speeds.

OnLive has launched a premium version of its recently launched OnLive Desktop app for Apple iPad, which brings lightning-fast browsing through a Flash-enabled version of Internet Explorer 9.

The OnLive Desktop Plus app, which is also set for a launch in the UK in the near future, builds on the free offering, which has already impressed by offering full and free access to Windows 7 (including programs like Microsoft Word) through a remote server.

The new app, which is listed at $5 a month for US users, adds Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser into the mix, which is flash-enabled to bring access to a host of video content and websites that the iPad either won't play or display properly.

However, the key reason why having a browser built into Desktop Plus service is the priority access to the OnLive's ridiculously-fast gigabit internet connection through the cloud.

This means that regardless of your home Wi-Fi connection, you'll be able to connect to remote servers and access some phenomenally fast speeds.

Early tests on some sites have pulled-in download speeds of 650Mbps and phenomenal upload speeds of 200Mbps, meaning that streaming 4K video from YouTube is a synch.

On top of that, transfering files through sites like Dropbox and downloading large attachments from web-based Gmail, Yahoo Mail becomes insanely fast.

"Experiencing a full Flash-enabled Web experience at gigabit speeds on iPad is nothing short of breathtaking, and OnLive Desktop Plus is your ticket to ride," said Steve Perlman, OnLive Founder and CEO.

"Combine that with OnLive Desktop's full-featured Microsoft Office and Adobe Reader PC applications and not only do you have the world's fastest mobile browser, but the world's most powerful productivity tools literally at your fingertips."

This amazing service is available for iPad now and OnLive says that a version for Windows, Mac and Android are in the works.

Via: Engadget