Nokia confirms 41-megapixel camera Lumia handset plans

Finnish phone giant to bring PureView camera technology to Windows Phone range

Upping the smartphone ante, Nokia has confirmed it is to bring its 41-megapixel PureView camera tech to its Lumia line of Windows Phone handsets

Following the recent unveiling of its groundbreaking 41-megapixel camera touting Symbian handset, Nokia has confirmed it is to introduce its impressive PureView camera optics to future Lumia branded Windows Phone handsets.

Confirming a flurry of recent rumours, Nokia’s US President Chris Webb has discussed the future Lumia PureView plans stating "you can expect we'll be bringing PureView technologies to the Windows Phone platform and Lumia devices." Further compounding the point he added: "We're absolutely committed to doing that."

Although Webb failed to offer any timescale for the introduction of the first PureView boasting Lumia devices, the phone manufacturing leader teased the potential introduction of new camera based Lumia handset features to coincide with the PureView Windows Phone handset launch.

“We're working with Microsoft to make sure their platform supports the broad set of things we want to do with the PureView imaging," he said.

Nokia’s first 41-megapixel camera hosting handset was officially unveiled earlier this year with the Nokia 808 PureView surprising many as its MWC 2012 launch saw the device land with the aging Symbian OS as opposed to the digital wares of Nokia’s new Microsoft branded software partner.

Nokia 808 PureView Specs

Playing host to a 4-inch high-resolution screen the Nokia 808 PureView handset features a 1.3GHz single-core processor with 512MB of RAM and 16GB of storage landing to provide ample space for all those high-res images.

The handset’s unique party piece, however, comes in the form of its 41-megapixel camera with the PureView squeezing a 41-megapixel resolution into the sensor’s 16:9 ratio. Further bolstering the 808’s snapper, 1080p Full HD video recording features are included alongside 4x lossless zoom.

Would you be tempted by a 41-megapixel camera touting Windows Phone handset from Nokia or are you satisfied by the current high-end handset trend of an impressive 8-megapixel snapper? Let us know via the T3 Twitter and Facebook feeds.

Via: TechRadar