Motorola Stingray: Android tablet named

Codename spied in mobile network listing

New title for much-mooted tablet, which is pegged for later this year.

The much-hyped Motorola tablet has now got a name. Listings from US mobile network Verizon have seen the touchscreen machine dubbed Stingray. The name sits next to a code which previously been used in conjunction with the Android-packing device.

Other than the new name, the listing doesn’t hand over any details. Suffice to say that as it’s sold via a mobile carrier, it’ll pack 3G. Other rumours have suggested Moto is waiting fir the release of Android 3.0 to send the Stingray into the wild.

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Inside, it’s said to have an NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor, with a huge 10-inch panel slapped on the front. Motorola itself hasn’t been shy about admitting that it wants to take on the iPad.

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Via IntoMobile